The Clean Machine

Is there anyone else out there wondering about the street cleaner and what it actually does?

Does it really sweep the floor of the ground to make our streets cleaner? I mean all i see is the brushes around the truck go round and round in circles and the brush on the bottom roll the floor, but does the actual dirt get swept into the machine? or is it just swept and causes more dust and dirt in the air and the area around where it just swept?

Anyhow...just wondering if there was some kind of laboratory that actually tested how much dirt and dust is collected and if the area around it is more dirtier after than before!


The Umbrella...

Let's talk about the umbrella. A moderately great invention to help protect people from the rain, snow and all the other things that fall from the sky. Or help protect us from the sun and provide good shade and relieve us from heat during the summer months... But are there flaws in the umbrella system that needs to be addressed? Millions upon millions of umbrella's are broken and tossed into trash cans each rainy day due to the one thing that kills the umbrella system. WIND!It's somewhat cynical along the same lines as really funny to actually see people struggling with the umbrella during the rain and extreme wind conditions. You see it a whole lot in NYC, but still it's unbearable to not laugh or smile. It's somewhat a specticle, where it's not just one person sometimes, it's a bunch of people all at once getting attached by the wind pushed under their umbrella's causing it to unbuckle and turn inside out. So, how do you relieve this problem?One: don't us an umbrella at all and imbrace the rain, snow and whatever comes at you and just get soaking wet...Two: put your dear head as close as possible to the stem of the handle, face the umbrella against the wind and hope that the umbrella lives another day....