Is a penny worth you picking it up?

So, many of you may believe if you pick up a penny off the street (heads up only) you would gain good luck. Although, if it is faced down, you would leave it be. Are you one of those people?

What is wrong with America? Money is money, although I do believe or question the fact that for you to pick up a penny off of the street, the amount of germs, energy and pride to pick up a penny off of the street is far less valuable than actually picking the penny up. But what do I know?

I on the other hand do try to pick up any loose change that I find off of the street. I am not afraid of the germ a phobia that many people may have. I do not believe in the luck that a penny may bring if it is heads up or tails up. Money is money. Although I am not the person who looks straight at the ground searching for lose change at all either…

I only bring it up because each of the nights or days in which I had been going to and fro work, my commute consists of a mile of walking down 14th street from 3rd avenue to 8th avenue, I have found a penny each day of a total net worth of: a nickel (5 cents). Now really, what can you buy with 5 cents these days? It really comes to question, is a penny really worth a penny these days? And if it were a $100 bill instead of a penny, would you pick it up?

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brunettechicagogal said...
You're taking the fun out of penny-picking. Just GO with it. And of course I'd pick up a hundred dollar bill; are you kidding? Who WOULDN'T?