"Life - A special tribute to you Dad…and G-pa…"

Though Father’s Day has passed and I have been a bad son by not visiting my father during Father’s Day, I wanted to write this tribute to my father and my grandfather. There is a saying where you don’t realize what you have missed until it is finally gone. I have finally realized this amongst two different things, one: my recently ex-girlfriend and two: my grandfather. During the recent Need for Speed relay (yes, my life revolves around running) there was a leg that went through a cemetery in which my grandfather had been laid to rest. I think, if I had been doing that leg, I would have gone up to visit my grandfather, just stay there for about 5 seconds and then leave once again…maybe even talking to him in my mind while I was running or think ordinary thoughts. (mind you my teammates would have been disappointed, but reassurance that I would have ran faster due to just the aura that surrounds the atmosphere) I never really sat down to speak to my grandfather though, I had learned a whole lot about him and how much my personality intertwines with the same concepts that he had. I also learned not to do a whole lot that my grandfather had done. My grandfather was an alcoholic and I had learned through his mistakes never to take alcohol as a revolution of your life. Life doesn’t revolve around alcohol, even though it may seem as it does. Through him, I never drank a whole lot in college even though I had been in a fraternity and it made me a stronger person in the end. To my Dad, I have learned even more. A new found respect for your parents once you grow up. It’s as though you can have the same respect for professors or teachers once you enter the college academia life. (To all my teacher friends, I respect the work that you do and think very highly upon how you actually “know” how to teach. I find it intimidating, although I would one day love to go into the academia world.) Your parents are often there to bug you about almost everything, but they care. It’s amazing how much they do care, and if you knew my parents, well…they have been very lenient at times, but other times it’s just SO FUNNY! To me though, my father is what I am made of and I carry his name on my shoulder (think Tattoo - Last name). I have great respect for my father and grandfather to go through the hardships that they never had and the life that I go through now. I live an amazing life and I can’t complain about anything. I have no worries or fears as they had when they first come over to the United States. Although you realize the smallest things even grow on you. My father is a very strange character, he saves like all these old newspapers and goes through countless amounts of articles and I would have to say that he is a pack rat. Well…needless to say, that has grown upon me as well and I can honestly say that I am a pack rat as well, not newspapers, but other things. But daily things that I would have never even imagined myself doing. When I had been little my mother would pack my father’s lunch every day, people would think he was crazy bringing lunch. I do that now! My dad has this qualm about eating fruit daily and early in the morning. I hated fruit…but now? Yup! I do that daily as well, me and my fruit bowl of cantaloupe, watermelon and a kiwi. Needless to say I can honestly say that I had been lucky to grow up so well, although am I going to become my father later on in life? It’s not such a bad thing though…I can deal! So I tip my hat to all the father’s out there and to both my grandfather and most importantly, my own father, to say Thank You.

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