My phone or the iphone?

After what was suppose to be a fun filled adventure to Ellis Island yesterday turned into a more fun filled adventure to the awe inspiring Apple store in SoHo. So, my friend JT and I were suppose to go to Ellis Island for the day, but JT had to leave early and the lines were incredibly long. We didn’t factor in the long lines of tourist on a Saturday afternoon. What were we thinking? Note to self, always remember if you are going to major tourist attractions in New York City, always allow yourself at least 2 hours in advanced to go anywhere.

Anyhow, so we were around SoHo looking at a gift for JT’s friend, little to find that we were around the whole Apple crazed iphone store. I was surprised to see people already had them in their hands, connected and all and this was just Saturday! I do have to say that the interface and the whole package looks incredible. We stopped by, went to the top of the glass-staired landing and snapped some pictures of everyone crowding around the iphone counter.

We left and then went back in to just peak at the price of the whole ensemble. $499 for an 4gig and $599 for a 8 gig…for a phone. JT had guessed right and was surprised about it, I had guessed $650 and there was a guy that had overheard us talking about the price, he told us that it was $650 with the tax included. Then you have to activate it with the least AT&T plan which was $59.99 for 250 minutes to as high as $219 for 6,000 minutes...check it here...Plus a $35 activation charge…total price for a minimum iphone activated: $635 and $735, respectively.

He then said, “go big or go home”. I quickly glanced in his hand that he had just purchased the iphone. As I had left, I said to JT, I’d rather go home and well...I also went with my phone rather than an iphone...

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