Did anyone ask for Speed?

Today I ran in my first team relay race since high school track on the 4 X 100 meter relay team, where passing the baton was so quick and necessary to practice that it was even more important than how you even run. I think, my team (I call it my team since I was the lead off leg) had or still has the school record in this event. But today was a jittery day. Let me give you a little run down…

I had always wanted to do a relay race and The Need for Speed Relay was close by, fun and my club was asking for members to join up for the team. So I had decided to join the team in these festivities. Little did I know that I was considered to being an alternate or a substitute for a very elite team made by the President of my club and a selected amount of runners from my club. These selected members (at the time I had not qualified for Boston) but all these people have made and ran in the Boston Marathon. (Again, to reiterate, I consider the Boston Marathon to being the “elite” or Crème de la Crème of all marathons. It’s all about qualifying for the Boston Marathon which brings its history and richness to the event. Although, the NYC marathon is considered one of the best marathons, I have heard but never ran, but the many people that qualify for these events are from running 9 previous Road Runner races or have gotten in by the lottery system) Also these runners usually score points for our team, and are the elite runners. I mean I was totally honored by even being considered for this team, no way can I replace any of these runners and their times alone in any type of race. So I was very happy to be an alternate (in all honesty, I just wanted to run my first relay race.)

So…about two weeks ago, I got word that one of the teammates was going to drop out due to business and traveling conditions, so that meant that I was being called up to the big leagues. The expectations were so high and let alone this team wanted to win or show what you have got. But I was ecstatic to being on this team,

(more to follow…I’m tired and heading to bed…)

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nyflygirl said...

yesterday was so much fun!! congrats to you guys again!