Pony up!!!

As everyone says, “I usually don’t post anything that deals with a relationship or dating life on these blogs.” But, what really gives? People pour their lives out on daily events, running events and well…their life! “This will be my one time where I confess to the private parts of my eternal life” (but in reality, I’ll speak truthfully about my now recently single relationship life or rather my likings and what I look for within a person…but just tid-bitts every now and then, or you can just ask…) Why not the juicy stuff? So here is one of many “runner chick” looks in which I find very appealing…

So, ever since I had been a runner in High School, there has always been this fascination about how a runner chick (I use that word not trying to offend any women out there, but runner women? Runner lady? Female runner goes, but still doesn’t exactly fit my tone in the elegance and just plain old hotness of a female runner…) So female runners have a certain elegance when they run. Maybe it’s the attire that they wear from shorts and sports bra’s to the amount of skin that they are showing (85% WHAHOOO!) or their figure? I don’t know, but there is a certain elegance that female runners show that is appealing to well any guy. For me, it’s all about that and another appealing aspect that I have always noticed since High School. Maybe this had turned up when I had ran cross country, running with one of my best friends or maybe it’s just that I’m a huge flirt or notice too many different things while running. But, the simple thing of how a women wears her hair…Some hide their hair in hats, others just let it lose, but most wear theirs in a pony tail…which brings it to either a long ponytail (long hair) or the rather shorter ponytail (short).

Doesn’t matter which length you wear your ponytail, although there is a certain size that accounts to the actions that I am about to speak of. Most women don’t even realize this, where you have to see it in the back or rather side and just look at the actions of a female runner. The way the ponytail just bobbles as each stride is taking place is very appealing. Although the short haired (I would have to say about shoulder length) you would get the best results in this “bobble”.

All I can describe it is like a pom-pom that bobbles up and down and sometimes when you are lucky, sways right and left…and if you are even more lucky…which I had been noticing today, a runner chick had about shoulder lengthen hair, pony tailed up and her hair was in the perfect bobble, but the bobble didn’t occur from right to left or vice versa, the ponytail was in a constant circle, like a propeller or a bobble propeller. I thought it was cute, funny and just well…in perfect form. She was an amazing runner as well, but that’s besides the point…well…not really though.

So, runner look number one: “The ponytail – Bobble”

But ladies…don’t be cutting your hair now. You all look perfect on how you look now…

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CollegeGirl said...

This might sound sort of strange, but I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting blogs and I came across yours (I think you commented on a blog I often read). I thought this entry was pretty entertaining.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hello!