Roses…Medals…and MORE COW BELL!

Well today was the NYRR Mini 10K and to all the ladies who ran today, “NICE JOB, YOU RAN HARD AND HOPE YOU DID WELL”…

That said, being a guy and being excluded by all these women’s only races, this one topped the list. Next year, WATCH OUT! I’ll be wearing a wig and running in a skirt and changing my name if I have to, just to run in these women only races…(ok, ok, you got me there…I’ll just take pictures of these lovely ladies). But WHAT GIVES?

This one especially tops the list because at the end of the race, these women get a rose, a medal and an exclusion from men (that or I have heard that the shirts are just ordinary shirts, so I had nothing left.) But enough about the jealousy factor, the race was a completely different race. The course changed; there was a wave start for lead runners and enough room for all to run instead of the narrow “stay between the lines” shouting from the race wardens at usual races. Ok, now I’m finished with the big jealousy factor.

My gosh, there were so many ladies running down Central Park West, heads bobbing up and down like a wave in the sea. It was like one of those pictures you regularly see at the start of the NYC marathon, although with this race, it’s only the ladies that ran. I don’t know why there were not many more men out there on the course, maybe it was the early wake up or maybe I just enjoy supplying my public service of taking pictures of the many magnificent women on my team. I believe that “depth” would be the correct word used by one of my teammates.

So after cheering on and taking pictures on the west side, I ran over to meet the women at the east side right near The Great Lawn. I took out my cowbell that I had received from the Marine Corps Marathon, where I had stole the cowbell from a little boy that was cheering for his father. (ok, I didn’t steal it from a kid, but I really have a cowbell). So…after cheering on the front runners and many of my Flyer women, I had heard from many of the ladies, “MORE COWBELL!!!” So of course, I rang louder. How can I not, these ladies were requesting more cowbell, so I gave them MORE COWBELL! After a while, I had decided to run back across town to the finish line to see if I can catch up with any of my other Flyer women and take more pictures of them. Along the way though, I had to maneuver my way through this class for newly running parents with running strollers and an army instructor that was shouting at them with their kids in the stroller. It was so funny though, but man was the instructor tough. They had to do side steps, run and have control of their stroller. It looked like a really tough class!

So I caught up with the women that were just about to finish, took out my cowbell again and yet again I had heard, “MORE COWBELL”. I told this to a bunch of my teammates at the end and they told me to bring it out to a bar next time. I’m tempted to try it out, seems that the ladies really love the cowbell…but I think not, I’ll only leave that when I’m on the sidelines and cheering on my team.

So while walking back to the train, one lady member of my team “relentlessly relieved herself” (no…I didn’t mean she peed on herself) of her well deserved rose and thinks she has brought great promise to the founder. We predict that whomever decided to pick up the rose (a guy hopefully) would bring it to a girl and they would live happily ever after.

But, quickly bringing my point to a close…I’d have to go with the ladies on this one and say, “WE NEED MORE COWBELL!!!”

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nyflygirl said...

Thanks so much again for taking pics and cheering!! I really needed to see a friendly face in the latter stages.

And I love the pic with you, me, NC and the roses!! :-p