Running – What would you do for a picture?

Father’s Day is a special day to all the dad’s out there. Before I speak of running, I would like to thank my father for all that he has done to raise me as the child and person that I once was and am today. I do appreciate all the support he gives to me and the knowledge he tries to hang around me…the constant nagging to stop running and acknowledgement of how my legs are going to fall off or “when you get older, your not going to be able to walk!” lectures…Sorry Dad, I can’t stop running.

But today’s race, the Father’s Day 5 mile run, encompasses that, although I respectfully and finally took my father’s advice in not running. So I took pictures of my team with my new toy, an SLR Camera, in which I had bought the day before. This way I can take some snazzy action photos of my teammates in action.

So I woke up at around 7:30, put on my NY Flyer garb and took the subway up to 103 street. There, I would take a picture of all the lovely ladies who had volunteered for the water station and then quickly got on my way to find a nice spot to take some pictures. I finally decided on a nice turn about straight away at 90 something street, where I recalled a person taking pictures for the Central Park running club and I had always wanted my picture to be taken…arg! So, it was payback. I chose a nice spot where I could facilitate my shortness in height and stand on a stoop. There I could see everyone from my Karate Kid type of stoop and stretched my leg as I had seen the front runners zoom past me. After seeing many of my flyer teammates past me and I had countless taking their pictures with my extra zoom lens, there were many standouts amongst the crowd that I have never really seen until now, as a spectator and a person with a camera, you see some crazy stuff from runners.

1) A person who had been juggling while running at the same time. I had thought that taking water from the water station and drinking your water while running was hard enough. Man, he was pretty amazing to see though, although he was close to the end of the pack…

2) A random girl waving her hands ferociously at me to get my attention to take her picture. “umm, hate to break it to you young lady, but I’m not taking your picture”. People do the whole waving at the camera guy during marathons and half marathons, not for a 5 mile race. Think Mardi Gras for runners, where instead of flashing your boobs, you wave your hands ferociously. I mean some people have it and some people don’t. I don’t think I would be as coordinated to wave my hands and run at the same time…Opps, crazy girls like my sister will grab the camera (wo)men’s attention by waving…oh my sister is so silly!

3) Random people would start the whole ferociously wave, then they would realize my shirt and NY Flyer garb on and stop. Some wouldn’t notice at all and think that I’m with the news crew. One person screamed out, “hey buddy, you going to take any pictures?” and my response would be…”Umm…no buddy, now I’m not going to take one, especially not you now…”
So like the juggling guy, I too can relate to his craziness where I carry my camera during marathons and fun runs. I guess some would say that I am just as strange to be taking so many pictures during a marathon or half marathon race. And I guess I can also relate to “the random girl that waved her hands ferociously, where instead of taking a picture of me on the race, I would take a picture of him taking a picture of me. So again I can relate to these people…a picture speaks a million words and explains to people, “Am I tired? Am I going to make it?”

Of course you are!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I like all the pics.

I'm a bit of a picture freak myself! I use facebook.com to store my photos, and I think I'm up to 800+. Lol

Anonymous said...

On a side note: I noticed we have a lot in common. I too love all types of culture, writing, and traveling. Strangely enough, I've also always been interested in getting to know an ENTIRE person. And I'm *always* smiling and laughing.

P.S. I think it's awesome you live in NYC. I've been there once, and fell in love with the city!!

Trakmaniak said...

So college girl...you keep your running life public but your personal life private? I c... I c...

Well...we have running in common, and I'm guessing you are from Chicago? I only know you through Runner26...?

can't peer into your personal life huh?

I'm guessing we have a whole lot in common: running, pictures, smiling, asian? laughing...wow....you may be my twin?

Anonymous said...

Haha, yes I keep that other blog private. However, I've started writing about more personal things in my running blog (I rarely use my other one now). And actually I'm from St Louis, MO. You can read about that and see pics in my running blog.

P.S. I'm not Asian, but we are alike in many other ways! :)

So tell me a bit about you, other than running!

Anonymous said...

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