Running - Why we run...

I may have picked this topic up from another runner on his/her blog, although each and every person has a different interpretation on this topic...which brings me to the question...


Some people run for exercise, while others run because they need to (and NEED meaning adicted to). Some run for a cause, while others just put it in their schedule because they have a set schedule every day of the week...not that it's a bad thing, it's just the way of life, a weekly regime and neither wind, freezing snow or hot humidity will ever get in their way. Some run for comrodery, while others run for individuality. Some run fast, some run slow...either way, they get to the same place (different time, what what really is time anyhow?) and they have competed the same distance. I think the Runners World magazine (march 07) had a little cartoon out in old issues asking people, "which runner are you?" where they had 4 different types: The Warrior, The Socialite, The Purist and The Exerciser.

There is a saying, that goes, "once inspired, aways inspired". I find running to be my tension breaker, a good run after work will truly be almost like SEX...YES, I said it fokes, why else do you think that so many runners are single? (kidding...we just smell!) But yes, runners are single because they train on their own, they have such high expectations (no matter what they are) and we believe that racing or even running...is OUR time.

Some run for the social reasons, where you can meet like many different runners with the same passion. Others will give you advice on just about anything or will try to answer some of your questions in a different light that you haven't even thought about. While some will give you praise on a birthday, PR or engagement and at the same time, some will embrace you when times are rough and be a great support group. Some will jog, while others will race or run really hard to embrace a training run because you "feel good today". While others while hurt and drowinging in missery will just show up and drink, be social and savy...but in the end, we all have different purposes, different schedules and different ways of running...

Some follow a purpose, may it be because they have ran in high school or college and are picking it back up again or may it be that they have never ran and just wanted to run and run and run (almost like forest gump!). The determination to keep striving for the finish line, the determination to break all your Personal Records year after year, until finally, you can't anymore and realize this...while others run for a tension break. A stress reliever where all your troubles just go away and your mind is free from every thought in the world. You are just in the zone, just free from all feelings and no problems will arise.

Then there are others who run for a cause. They feel that they have accomplished something for themselves and for others, or double duty. May it be that you donate your shoes to the kids in Africa (which I recommend all those who run to do this: more details on where to donate your shoes...) or may it be for a friend or family member who has an illness and brings out even a more of a drive to strive. We race for a cure and a reason to hope.

We all have different feelings toward running and why we have even started running in the first place. I on the other hand have listed most of mine, these are the reasons why I have ran, raced, strived and survived. It's a reason to wake up in the morning, to strive to do better, to train to be better and just to have fun.

I enjoy running...no matter what the distance, what the pace, and most imporantly, with myself or with others.


runner26 said...

welcome, welcome!

glad you are on board with this ;)

as flygirl warned me, blogging is addictive...but you'll like that about it.

Happy Blogging!

nyflygirl said...

yay...i knew you were gonna get one of these eventually :)

and as I've said to all the flyer bloggers before-welcome to the dark side ;-)

brunettechicagogal said...

I started running because I hated aerobics (this was in the mid-90s, when you were in elementary school ;-> and aerobics was about all that gyms offered by way of classes)and loved that I could just lace up my shoes and go. I still love the low-maintenance aspect of running, as well as the fact that it can be an independent sport or a group thing. I've found that I appreciate running the most when the rest of my life seems uncertain; injuries aside, it's often the only predictable part of my life. And finally, you can't beat it for overall physical conditioning and stress relief!