The “clean up”…

…on isle 6….

Many people change when they suit up into their running gear. The running cloths that they wear may symbolize something entirely different from their personalities from the everyday business life. Like Clark Kent to Superman, we may fool others when they actually see us on the streets with regular non running clothes on. The “clean up” of how we look from our regular business attire or even casual attire may have some reactions like…”holly s*&%, you clean up nicely…”. But that’s a compliment I guess, other than the usual attire of sneakers, socks and dri-fit clothing.

But what is wrong with that? I mean the more astonishing effects would be when you see people in evening attire, when people are in suits or a cocktail dress and your like whoooaaa!

You get to see the person and what they really look like…besides the sweat dripping down their faces…but in all, everything looks nice to me. I take the whole package, which explains if a gal dresses nice for beautiful occasions to dressing down in sweats and a t-shirt. Either way, what’s comfortable is comfortable.

Although that’s only the clothes, you can’t forget the gear now….the wrist watches that everyone has when they time themselves, the bandana’s (oh…that’s only me huh?), the wrist bands, sweatbands and oh don’t forget the running hat’s or visors now…trade all of that in for some shiny jewelry and brushed out hair? Yup! That’s the story of a runner, a double personality changing from what we wear…

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nyflygirl said...

I always say that if I meet a guy who likes how I look in running attire, with no makeup on, my hair not done...he's a keeper :)