The fascination of fireworks…

“Ohhhh!” and “ahhhh” That’s what you hear on a usual night on July 4th, where it’s the most frequent time of the year that showcases FIREWORKS! That or you are putting on your own show and well that’s just illegal now… Talking about illegal, what is the real deal on sparklers and how that is illegal now days? Wow, back in my days, we had sparklers all the time!

So this goes out to my flyer friend, NC, who had inspired me to write this blog-gete. Yes, I know that I am late in entering this, which also goes out to my other flyer friend JL, who said that he had wanted to see some of my July 4th fireworks pictures and how he had been bummed that I had only wrote about the Nathan’s event…so this is my addendum to my July 4th entry from the Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest.

So I have finally brought my terms to this aspect of “ooos” and “aahhhs” from the lat e night fireworks after the New York City Philharmonic had played in Central Park last night. So what is it that makes people go nuts about fireworks? Is it the aspect that it’s illegal and the same phenomena about illegal drinking? The whole let’s bypass the law or challenging bit? Or is it the fact that we are brought up in this nature to love colors…never the less when we were kids and expressed out greatest appreciation of fireworks then and always liked them since. Maybe it’s the fact that humans like explosions. Or it can be the fact that it’s an explosion with colored lights in the air. The fancy colors, the fancy shapes, the sound, the awe of experience….it’s all there!Maybe it’s the fact that we only see fireworks on special occasions such as July 4th in a once in a year thing. Or maybe after a cultured event such as the New York Philharmonic or a wedding or I don’t know…it’s special. This strange phenomena is both fascinating and strange at the same time, but still special. The smoke, the sound, the sight…it just facilitates all of our five senses….well three of the five at least.

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