Fun Filled Fourth…

What better way to spend July 4th with a run to Coney Island? Yes, a RUN to Coney Island…I couldn’t believe that it was “that close” because by subway it takes about an hour to get to from Manhattan and the subway maps make the distance looks so much more than it actually is. Or I am just insane about my mileage now, and can’t grasp the concept of what can actually be run or to “hop on a subway” to get there?

Having planned a run already with JM days before, the game plan was quite simple, run to her place and run all around Brooklyn till we end up in Coney Island. We actually made it there in about 1hour and 30 minutes and the total distance was about a 10.5 miler, leaving us about 30 minutes to spare before the actual hot dog eating contest began.

A brief synopsis of what had happened at the Nathan’s Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest , they introduced all the heavy eaters in the beginning, a rapper came out to sing with these girls who can’t dance, crowds were amazingly huge and you couldn’t see a thing, started at 12:40 pm and ended at around 1pm. After watching Joey Chestnut and Takeru Kobayashi go head to head (66 to 63 respectively), a bunch of Flyers decided to join the 1 hour line to get some Nathan’s hot dogs.

After scarffing our food down like we were actually in the competition, we strolled around to the beach and happily made our way back to the subway and calling it a fun filled day.

When else can you say that you had experienced a record setting hot dog eating contest day of Coney Island Adventure?

Only on July 4th - Independence Day.

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JohnnyGo said...

Wow, that is really inspiring. I never would have thought of running to Coney Island. How many hot dogs did YOU eat?