Post work/marathon Depression

Marathon training is like spending your life at work. For the past few weeks my work has taken over my life. But I still escape to do my base 6 milers and schedule my long runs in-between. Though, as I had taken a month off from racing and came back to do the Utica Boilermaker 15K, I felt good, but still felt as though my legs were not 100 % ready. My next race, the Nike New York City half marathon, is another month, which would give my body and my legs a good recovery period. But lately my work has taken over my life, where in the past two weeks I had been working on a housing competition in Dubai in the UAE (United Arab Emigrants). In my life, I try to keep a good balance of everything, although I do prioritize what needs more attention and at the time, my work had been calling. I spent the last two weekends waking up early to take pictures of my teammates while they were racing in different races. After that, back to work and worked long hours. In all, for the past two weeks that I had been working equaled out to being another two weeks on top of that…so my usual 40 hour work weeks turned into a 80 hour work week totaling 160 hours for two weeks. So whenever you work so much and go home at like 4am in the morning when there is no one out on the streets, you just feel as though work is your life. The day that the competition had ended, the day that I can finally see the sun when I had left work…I had felt lost in some ways. I had lost my identity, went into a solemn feel of lost ness and felt as though I had been going through post marathon depression…

Have you ever ran a marathon and had to taper the next few days afterwards. After a marathon, you get the marathon shuffle as I like to call it. Many of books tell you that there is a time period where you have to rest your legs because you had just ran a marathon for gods sake and you really should. But then you go through this post marathon stress and depression state, which I hate. Just think about it, you have gone through 4 months of constant training, running after work, or after hours or before or going through this routine. Then to all of a sudden change this routine and you are done with the marathon, suddenly changes your life completely. You need something else to do. That is why I have the blog, or rather where have you been all my life? This keeps me occupied for hours on hours of countless topics that I still need to write about. But really, am I the only one with this “depressional” state that encompasses around a post marathon type of depression?

Maybe I need to get a life or something? Maybe I just need to have something else in my life that I can occupy my time with…I need to try something new…maybe a tri or a bi is my next horizon…

Have you ever had post marathon depression?


nyflygirl said...

oh yes, i definitely had it after NYC last year. was moreso because work was a living hell, and training was sorta an escape from all that...and then you go from this high of finishing your first marathon and making your goal time, to the low of the daily grind at work...blah.

JohnnyGo said...

I have yet to run my first marathon, but what you describe is common after any great effort.

These emotions will come any time you you finish a period of hard work for some goal that is important to you.

I think it is possible to dwell on these feelings in a positive way, recognizing that the greater the effort you have put forth, the stronger the feelings will be.

Treat yourself to some special activities -- food, rest, entertainment, that you couldn't allow yourself during training, and know that you have earned it!

Quinto Sol said...

Yes. Absolutely.

Anonymous said...

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