The Race Numbers

Ok…in different sports, the number is one of the most superstitious things that a player can have. If he/she does well in a certain game or has an ego about their lucky charm, they will wear that certain number. Like in softball/baseball or soccer, etc…a person’s jersey is their claim to fame, their favorite number or some reference to some random number. But some numbers are just special, they have made their mark and represent much more than just a number. Take for instance, Robison Cano from the New York Yankees, his number is 24, which is 42 backwards to honor the late and great Jackie Robinson, whom was one of the first black major league players in baseball to play and break the color barrier that is today. Or Pele, in soccer, where almost everyone knows in the soccer world that the number 10 is his number.

So what does this have to do with running? Well…race numbers of course! Is there a certain race number that you have in mind that in some sort of race you get this race number in one of your 3, or 4 or 5 digit number and you feel lucky for that race? I mean what are the chances of getting the same number at a race from another race? I mean this has never happened to me yet, but I’m still awaiting the day in which I do get the same number. I have once gotten a number on a May race which was 5131, where if you sort of look at it in a different way it could interpret my birthday, May 31 or 5/31.

There is another race, the OBX marathon, where I had gotten the number of 923 and my sister was in the same race and had received the number 924. Where if you look closely at the title bar of my blog, I have an old picture of myself with the number 922, my sister, 923 and my mother, 924…I thought that was sort of freaky about the whole numbering system and race numbers.

This past weekend when I ran the Boilermaker 15K, I had received the number of 1111. What does that say? What are the chances of getting 1111? Four – ones in a row? Luck? Or am I just reading way to into it?

I mean in the Chinese culture, the number 8 is a very lucky number. The representation of a circle in a Buddhist religion means heaven, where double circles or the number 8 represents double happiness and good luck. So whenever I receive an eight in my race number, I think I will do well in a race, well not really, but it is a little more comforting though.

What do you think about your race numbers? Have you ever though about this?

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