The stress relief of running…

Stress comes with the job right when you apply for an interview. Whether you are having a tough day at work or you feel like your life is in shambles, runners always have a release to go to. For me, I look at running as an alternative to free my mind from any thought. A release of pressure, relaxation and carefree-ness that allows you to do what you want to do and be what you want to be. It is a life and a different world in which we live and excel from practice to practice.

Although I wanted to write after this weekends run with ST, I found it more appropriate to write it after my own stressed environment 2 days later. ST had stolen me away from the New Flyer run, which was going at a slow to medium trot pace for the new flyers that had potential to join the club. I had left the group to follow her in a brutal race pace of a 7:30 m/mile. Interested in her conversation, she had not slept that night and went on a run to relieve her stress, I enjoyed her talk about anything and everything that went on in her life. In my mind I was slowly tinkering about a blog in which I should write about this…and how I have never done this in my time…Little did I know that this was soon to happen to me.

Having a rough day at work, and “leaving” (I use the term lightly because I had just taken a “break” from work) to join the Monday night group runs with the NY Flyers. I quickly told the group that I would have to run alone and finish at a faster pace than the usual run.
My brain turning to mush and my eyes absolutely burning from staring at the screen for 8+ hours, I really desired to go for a run to relax myself and replenish my energy.

I had restricting myself to a time to go back and thought about a relaxing run to release my emotions. I set out with the group, but hitting the Westside highway, I busted ahead and quickly felt a great emotional release in my run. I had run faster, harder and with a great amount of anger. I have never had this feeling before and by the time I had turned around, I was quickly tired out and emotionless. The tired feeling of my muscles eased my physical body stress, the heavy breathing of my lungs overtook my mental stress that I had gained through the day of work…I had felt replenished, rejuvenated and refreshed by the time the run was over…I quickly returned where my group had started. Knowing that I had to go back to work and finish, what had become, a never ending night and week.

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