What’s in your refrigerator?

You can tell a whole lot about a person just by looking at their refrigerator…what they eat, what their daily lifestyle is. Although if they live with a roommate that’s a bit of a tricky situation. Then you just have to trust them when they tell you that “these are their items” and “those are my roommates”…Not that I’m judging anyone, really now!
Although at times you can say that you can see a person by telling of what they eat, although you really can’t. (I know, I know, I’m being way too hypocritical now) In a ways you can, if they eat healthy and have a whole lot of vegetables and fruits and what not, but in actuality you really can’t. Since I live in NYC, people eat out all the time, they barely go back home or barely carry vegetables in their fridges because they don’t know when they will have time to cook them or they just return way too late from work and have already eaten on the companies expense. Either way, you can tell some sort of things about a person just from the certain things they drink to what condiments they use on their sandwich, hot dog or fries or rather tofu burger.

Although, you really can’t tell what a person eats just from the one time that you are there looking at their fridge because they can have a slower week and not cook as much, or they can have a different lifestyle food change of what they are preparing for the week. Either way, you can glimpse into their somewhat life and see what they seem to be preparing and also catch their personalities in some sort of way. From skim milk to whole milk, you can really tell what the person drinks and how they like their milk. Plain and simple…It’s not just in your refrigerator, you can just tell by walking around in your local grocery store.

There had been an article that I had read that had said how people were “shopping” for dates or picking up singles just at their local supermarket places. Hell, if you are the type of person who cares about what you eat and is a pure nutritionist, you would probably shop at a Whole Foods store. It makes perfect sense if you want the same out of a mate, who is conscious about their diet, food or nutrition to be “shopping,” while shopping. It may seem petty, but you know all about a person before we even meet them. Better yet, you know how he/she eats before you even meet them.

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Interesting concept, I agree with it.

I've always been interested in people's rooms -particularly people who still live at home, since your bedroom is sort of your "home". The books, if any, that people read, bed layout, messy or organized (clothes thrown all over floor?), CD/movie selection, color palate, and so on. You can usually always tell if a person is at least fairly intelligent (book selection, mags, etc), has a sense of humor (maybe a funny card or calendar), or whether or not family and friends are important (pics).

So what's in your fridge? ;-)