The Amazing-FREE-ness of MoMa

If there was any other day of the week that people are most happy about is the day of Friday. The day that the weekend begins, the day that work ends and the day that, well people could just go out and have fun. On retrospect, Friday’s are days in which the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in NYC is FREE. Nothing usually is free in this world and when things are free, well you should highly take advantage of the situation.

The exhibits usually do not change much, although if you find the main attraction exhibit worthy of going or worthy of spending $15-20 during the weekend to see, well, it probably is worth seeing. Although the whole option of seeing it on Friday is that you get to see it for FREE. Usually you can’t see the museum and exhibits alone as well, or at least I could not just go into a museum and walk around or sketch, to me a museum and its art needs to be freely understood, conceptualize and be talked about.

So the huge main attraction exhibit that was being shown was the Richard Serra – Sculpture: forty years. Serra’s, widely know sculptor, which displays larger than human scaled pieces of steel metal plates curved in a ways, encompasses the beauty of art, light, shadow, space, resistance and the mixture of how you see things and how you move through spaces. He encompasses architecture within his large pieces, which I find very fascinating because I am an architect and his pieces are so called sculpture pieces.

So, I met up with one of my friends, let’s call her BLUE. So blue and I enjoyed the outdoor piece, the many indoor pieces and well, we could gone for a second round if we had wanted to like two kids wanting to go on a roller coaster and the line was 2 hours long. The pieces were exceptionally amazing in a way where Serra captures the beauty of art. Well, after the many Serra exhibits, Blue and I just wandered around looking at various paintings from Rothko to Pollack, after a while our hunger set in and we left there after.

We left MoMa on 52nd between 5th and 6th and wandered around to 2nd or 3rd avenues to look for a decent restaurant. I had given my choices of Sushi, Italian or the third was any cultured variety of ethnic diversified meal. We ended up looking for quite a while, searching for different restaurants, until finally we ended up 3 blocks away from where Blue had lived, and ate the winner was…Sushi. We then wined at a wine bar close by and shared a bottle of Spanish red wine, the name escapes me…I think it was Crianza? I thoroughly enjoyed the company and enjoyed the deep conversations that we have had and hope that we will do it again some time soon.

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Sounds like a fun filled evening! I'd love to live in an area like that!