Labor Day Weekend – Moist

"The answer to the big questions in running is the same as the answer to the big questions in life: Do the best with what you've got." DR. GEORGE SHEEHAN

Waking up the usual time on a weekend is not always great when you get home and go to bed at around 2am. Exhausted as I was, I am the type who “once I get up, I get up…” If I stay in bed, I just lie there and might as well get up. So going to sleep the night before at 2:30am, coming back from the US Open with JM (seeing JG, C and NH&LS) was very unexpected as well…but it was good that we had met up with them.

Anyways, got up, changed into my running gear and left out the door. The idea was to get into a good enough condition and relate back to my old roots in getting back into shape and into race shape for that matter. I had to get over those kinks that I have been having when racing, the “wall” that I am incorporating during the first few miles of a race and psychologically, I need to be prepared. EVERYTHING HAS TO GO RIGHT and according to planned if I am to break the 3 hour mark.

I set out of my apartment building eating a banana and then start my way up. I have another banana in hand, but that is for the later miles when I get hungry. I was already too late to catch the Saturday morning crew of the Flyers and I just decided to make my way up and try to catch them half way along Harlem Hill, if any of them were there for that matter. I gunned and as I reached the park there was a moist humid feeling of just heavy air. I couldn’t do this at a pace, but kept moving. As I reached the top of Central Park, I saw EA and some other Flyers…small group. I decided to say hello and travel on my own ways and continue to make my own loop around the park. My initial plan was to catch up to the group, see if someone like SH (other known as ST) was there to run with, but she wasn’t…later confirmed by JH, her husband who I had seen while stretching. I made my way around at a blistering pace. Some spots were rather nice and cool, while other spots were humid and sticky…the nice and cool spots were like air conditioning spots located here and there in a department store…very weird being in the open environment and having that everywhere you ran.

Water! I had t make a few water stops due to the heat. It was muggy and you can add 5-10 minutes to your time if you were racing today…which the air was heavy and legs felt like blocks. The night before on Thursday night was not too fun at all either due to the fact that I had to sub in for the Thursday night leaders and go at a 10 minute mile pace for 6 miles…and ended up doing 15 miles that night (9 at race pace and 6 at 10 minutes). So my legs were tired and exhausted. What can you do?

I was only going to do one lap around. Stopped to think about it, since it was labor day weekend, my legs were tired as hell and I was already out. I decided to do another loop. Crazy? Yes, that’s me.

I was exhausted by the time I had gotten back to 72nd transverse and stretched and gotten water at the boat house. I walked back out of Central Park, slowly observing and taking in the environment. Summer is soon to end, trees will soon change colors and the cool air of winter will be around the corner. But before you know it, the NYC marathon will be around the corner as well…oh the excitement.

I found my way to the Apple store and then started jogging home…another 3 miles, ending with a long run…17.6 miles…ready or not here I come.


runner26 said...

bummer i didn't see you in the park yesterday. I saw a bunch of flyers, but no you.

nice long run, btw.

Trakmaniak said...

Hmm...maybe I would have given you the glare....no that was the sun in my eyes!

kidding...yes, bummer...I do hope that your injuries prevail and you're rolling again...

Did you experience some "hot spots" and nice cool breezy spots?