The Olympics

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go." T.S. ELIOT

888 triple eights, Triple happiness. Harmony, love, existence and longevity, words of Chinese culture and China.

So work has ended and it’s a Friday. Nothing happening on Flyerville where usually there is a happy hour, so I head over with some friends, PW and TD to go over a close friend from college KAG to watch the opening of the Olympics at her place in New Rochelle. We missed about half an hour from the beginning and caught the greatest parts of the opening ceremony. It was amazing! I am wondering what I have missed from the first 30 minutes, but I’ll watch that on re-runs. It was good thought being with a different crowd of people. Not that I don’t enjoy Flyerville, but my college friends hang out once in a while and we always seem to make the effort once in a while to get together when we are around. Life is busy and Flyerville takes most of my time and when I do have time, I usually go to Flyerville’s events.

But back to the Olympics, it’s the starting day of 2008 the 29th Olympiad where the opening ceremony was what the whole Chinese culture was all about. Amazing, I want to go back. But after all the parade of countries came out, we finally made our way out the door and it was good seeing her family and friends that was also there. KAG was injured when she tried to jog again and she had wanted to run with me in one of the races. KAG was a college mate who walked in track for New Rochelle, she was one of the first people I had met in college and I still to this day remember the night when our orientation, where BZ and KAG were at the approach (a stairway that led up from Troy to RPI) where we were admiring the night. We spoke about our high school days as we were entering our college years. KAG did track in high school and she probably were in the same meets as I was. We still are great friends, worked together in the same firm as well along with TD. We left without seeing the torch ceremony coming into the stadium, but it was a good trip to her apartment to see everyone and know that she was ok from her spinal nerve injury. .


runner26 said...

Flyerville! Ha! You are so funny bandanahead!

Trakmaniak said...

What's wrong with Flyerville? Hmm...it's my thing now, I'll call Flyerville anything to do with the Flyers it's Flyerville...