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"Taking charge of your body can help you take charge of your life. And that power can help you go wherever you want to go, every single day." CHERYL BRIDGES TREWORGY, member of five U.S. World Cross-Country teams

Ok…So I bought this women’s shirt at the San Francisco Marathon thinking guys shirts, gals shirts, no big deal. I didn’t buy the guys shirt because all they had were large’s and extra larges and those are definitely not my size. They were selling these training shirts for a discounted $5! Come on now, how can you not resist? So I bought 2 of them and then another that was an older marathon shirt and well…

Women…how can you wear these v-neck shirts? Seriously? I mean really now they show so much cleavage? Well I certainly don’t have cleavage, but still…and for those guys who say that the gal’s cut is almost the same as the guys cut…so not true, I should have gone with a women’s large, this is super tight on me that I kind of look gay with my tight shirt and short shorts…maybe I’m just way too muscular…NOT!

Ok…so I’m back with the Monday night crew and leading the group? What’s up with that? The rocket man was not there; neither were J, since he’s injured and James? Hmm…don’t know until I actually go out there and see if she’s out from work…nope…a one man show.

People looked at me funny, maybe it’s because it’s Rocket man’s run, but maybe it’s because I usually don’t lead. Maybe it’s because I was making sure who was going to be the last person just to be sure that everyone was ok. But I ran in back to secure my position and make sure that no one was left behind. LG was right, the nights came quicker and I should stay in the back since I was leader for the day…and it was good to catch up to some of the people that I never usually get to talk to. JM, BS and LG, we were all running together and then half way point kicked in and LG and I got caught up at a light and we chatted the whole way back. It was good, since LG and I always see each other at board meetings, but never really get the chance to catch up and just chat. We made it back to our new area and I scolded everyone to stretch…since I am the stretching nazi. Well, not really.

Everyone scattered toward the subway and JS decided to run home since she met up with us half way. No way was I to let her run home alone, even though the West Side Highway is sort of safe, but I felt responsible. I didn’t want naything to happen to any of my friends and didn’t want anything to go wrong…the possibilities in my head…not good. So I ran with her down and since I didn’t really get a good run in, I decided to run my way back home at my race pace. Stupid? Well…yes and no.

I am back and I should take it easy till September which is when I really train. HARD. September is going to be one hell of a month. I mean hell on earth because this one I am gunning for. I respect the distance too much and for the past two marathons that I have done, they were challenging and going into the race I didn’t train hard or take the race too seriously. I learned a whole lot about the race, but never took it as seriously in training as I did for the previous ones before that. I’m gunning for my goal this year, I knew that I would have a rough year and when you are running as many marathons as I am, you want to end on a good note. Especially when you know that you have some months to rest and some months to think about the next marathon.

Things will slow down for me and I won’t be doing as many marathons in the next few years as I am doing for the past two years. Who knows what number I will have this year, who knows how many I will do next year. But the time is now and in some ways I am close enough that I can taste it. I need to focus, respect the distance, respect the time and respect the pace. A marathon is something that you just don’t do to do. It’s something that you do for a keepsake and something you will cherish in your life. Something that is in yoru heart, your desire, and your hopes and dreams…my dream is not to go to the Olympics (I will never make it there), not to win a marathon (not realistic) but just smaller steps…a sub 3. 2:59:59 would do it for me…and why not, I’ll take a picture of that one.

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