Summer Social

"We go from whining infant to waddling toddler to gold-medal sprinter partly by nature, but mostly by will and determination and intelligence." ALAN STEINBERG

DING! The elevator doors open up as you can hear the conversations that are arising from many Flyers that attend the summer socials. This one is different from the usual happy hour summer Fridays, where most of the elder flyers attend. Elder flyers that usually don’t go out to the summer happy hours those are in attendance at this one. I sneak outside and grab food along the way. I socialize with two new flyers as more flyers join me and congratulate my newest marathon finish. I thank them and push it off like it was nothing, because I am not too proud of the outcome, but proud of the fact that I just finished the race. I was sick, injured a little and the course was hilly. I really had not done a 20 to prepare from my Colorado marathon and really pushed this race in just getting it done. It was more of an adventure than a marathon, so I appreciated the congratulations of finishing, but I didn’t put the time and effort of pushing myself to the limits.

The night was good, you can see the sun setting and the clouds forming while the lightning loomed from the west side. It was quite beautiful and pictures were zapping all around from BC who is the “official” photographer of the Flyers. I usually hold back and let him take all the pictures of the socials so I can have a good time. He and I usually take our rounds in positioning ourselves at different places whenever there was a race. But the party was hopping and I was still sick and should have gone home a long time ago. I stayed almost till the end and shared a cab with JS as the rain just started pouring down.

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