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"Racing is the fun part; it's the reward of all the hard work." Kara Goucher

We are a community of runners. We run with each other, our dogs, our thoughts, the guy we pass by every day, the road, our friends, our shoes, and the weather. We never run alone.
At Saucony, we know that every run and every runner is different, but that we share many common experiences through running. We invite you to share your running experiences...

Today, I had to prepare a 24 hour diary journal which sums up what I had seen all day long in a 24 hour cycle. It's pretty interested if you think about it, but I would never record my life like that again. In some ways you lose your privacy in everything you do for that day and a constant remembrance of what you actually did that day.

Anyways...so capturing your life in one day alone you experience and capture the slightest moments and notice the slightest things. What people are wearing, the logos, the advertizements that you glance over but see, but really never notice because it doesn't register in your brain that you had just seen what you had seen.

You just glance over things that really you read and see, but mainly never truly read, pictures are better than words.In the morning I noticed smaller things such as logos, shoes and what brand people were wearing.

Items such as running race shirts to company logos of sponcors. Then you head into the streets and notice the advertizements on buses, taxis, buildings and subway cars. You notice everything around you. The run consisted of a 3 mile up to central park run, then a 6 mile loop around central park and then a 3 mile back home run.

After the run, hit the shower and straigth to work, where yes, once again, I had to do some work work and start up the newsletter for the flyers.Stayed at work and watched some of the debate between Barrak and McCain. So I had to record all of the websites I was going to as well: runnersworld, marathonguide, letsrun,etc. And other more political or serious websites suck as cnn, nytimes and others.

After work, I had planned out to go to the NY Philharmonic with Pean. I had to record what I had seen on the subway ads and the ads in the program booklet to watching tv at the restaurant that we had eaten at and calling a cab with now the TV's in them...After that...sleep!

It was a long day to record all the different things you see...but that's just half of it. You have to go in to a focus group gathering as well.

This is to let you know that your application for a seeded start has been received and approved.
You will receive an Express Pass by Friday, October 3 confirming your bib number assignment.

Seeded bib numbers are as follows:
Marathon = 31-100 (Umm...my bib number: 55)
Half Marathon = 3031- 3080

After you receive your Express Pass, please confirm that your assigned bib number falls into the appropriate range. Contact me at this email address if there is a problem.

Your seeded bib number will give you access at the front of the Start Line.
Look for the signage to enter the seeded runner pen. Your bib must be clearly visible.

Good luck on race day.

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