"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." LOU HOLTZ

What? wait...who is that?

Oh aweful, I soon resorted to being soo lazy today and what a morning.

Rain will soon come as I had woken up thinking it was going to rain. But did not. The race was still on that means and I had to get my butt up there. I was suppose to take pictures for the team and scurried to Central Park not even knowing where it had began. I run from the subway station as I see that all the men had already left and I had to make my way toward the finish. I see SD there as I get my camera all set and then comes the first runner…I snap some shots and then look to see if all my photos were there…umm…earth to Brian, you forgot to put back your memory card.

OPPS! Great! I felt so bad for me, my team and myself really due to the fact that I could have slept in and I was out there to take pictures of the guys…duh! Stupid! How could you forget. I couldn’t believe it.

I then stayed around for the women’s race since I had a teams captains meeting afterwards. I go up to GW and tell him the first 5 men…but forget PD’s name…umm yeah, the whole memory card thing, yup, I’m stupid.

Flyerville…too much Flyerville lately…I am gearing myself towards this weekend when I am co-captains with E in the Reach the Beach relay team…a 200 mile relay through NH with 12 people, but we currently have 1 more spot! Care to join us?

Anyways…afterwards we went to the Flyerville meeting with all the captains to resolve some issues.

I was going to go out for a run as soon as I was done with all this catching up on blogging…but the rain started pouring…and will do so until tomorrow morning.

Scratch that…we’ll run tomorrow instead.

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runner26 said...

I heard about the PD thing ;) What's up with you??