Getting ready for Reach the Beach…

"Running is a great investment. Your principal is low. Your rate of return is enormous, and it keeps growing every year. And there are no hidden charges, unless you count an occasional blister." FLORENCE GRIFFITH JOYNER and JON HANC, Running For Dummies

Getting set for the Reach the Beach after work, what to bring? Do I have everything? First getting through a rough day at work where I had to finalize everything up and make sure that my boss knew what I was doing…but opps! I forgot to update him on certain things that I have been working on and may have caused myself to be in a slight bit of trouble.

But anyways, just getting out of work and printing out sets of papers so we knew everything was all set. Oh and also one more person dropped out (JS), leaving us with a 10 man team. So on top of coordinating the last minute team things that we needed, I had to e-mail the team to come up with a new line up that will work and work with the certain people that run certain legs…hope this serves the purpose! On top of that, I was working on certain items with dressing up the van since JM had brought that up on Sunday. We came up with this idea that we would have the van spiffed up with all of our profiled pictures and we had been working on certain ideas, but it was a little too late to figure things out and came up with this last minute idea. I didn’t even think it was going to work out since I just got my OLD new computer and had to install drivers for the printer…everything was not coming together as smoothly as I had planned out.

I went out for a run to go get some supplies that I had on my mind. So I headed down to Chinatown to find some blinkers for the night run. I didn’t know how many blinkers we had in our van and I just wanted to get some just in case, but only found one place that I could buy it. I had contemplated on buying these blinkers running back and forth to different places, then finally decided to buy them and then run up to my apartment to drop them off. I had been also looking for my Ethernet cable that I did not bring to work along with my laptop. I was unsure if my parents had even packed it…which they did not. Things were not going smoothly…ok, more options. I would try to download the drivers, save the driver onto my USP drive and then hopefully it would recognize it through that.

My run: 14th and 8th to Canal Street (cutting through the west village) to Canal and Broadway, up Broadway a bit to 18th and 2nd and then up to 23rd street across to 8th avenue and back down to 14th. Ending probably with a 3-4 mile loop...

OK…so finally coming back home after the run and finalizing everything that I had needed from my office, I turned on the laptop to install the driver and print the magnet profile pictures out. At the same time, I needed to eat dinner and pack all of my items. How many items of clothing did you need for a 24 hour running event?

What I had packed:
4-5 pairs of NY Flyers running singlet/t-shirts
4-5 pairs of running shorts (with the underwear)
3-4 pairs of underwear
4-5 pairs of socks
Running equipment: Polar watch items, Road ID,
5-8 bandana’s
Reflective Vest

What else did I need?

Finally my computer started and at first, I had tried every way to get these pictures to print out…but without avail, I was screwed…then I tried one more way. THIS WORKED! Wheeew, I knew all that hard work was for something, now we can finally begin with the pictures. I cleaned out the printer heads, and finally was in business. As soon as I was done with the magnet pictures, I moved on with the “surprise” that I had installed for the team.

I had been pondering in giving my teammates a type of “gift” from the “captains” of the team. Lots of people were bummed that we could not get shirts made up for the end of the race or even for ourselves to capture the moment of this running event. Many other teams back in the day with Hood to Coast and Reach the Beach had made up shirts, but we had dropped the ball on this. So, what more than to twist my own type of scenario and make bandana’s for my teammates.

So I had done this before and I had already bought the bandana’s beforehand months ago. I had already washed them one way through and now, all I needed was to print out the iron-on and the logo that I had finished up (last minute) at the office. As each one had printed, I had to slowly cut away at the logo and the Reach the Beach logo. I was done packing, so now I had to just to this, iron these suckers onto the bandana and then go to bed.

Looking in the end at the 10 man team, I’ll be doing a marathon…does that count for my marathon in New Hampshire? I look forward to the challenge having the hardest legs of the race as well as the longer and longest distance to be run. I was scared and excited at the same time, where I had been looking forward to this race. The experience and what it was going to be like…I guess it was far different than running in the Need for Speed relay and at the same time I had wanted to do this Reach the Beach just for fun…

I finished up and packed all my things, ready to rock and do this relay race…

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