Oh my gosh, I almost stepped on a bird!

"Running is elementary. It is elegant in its simplicity." JOHN BINGHAM, The Courage To Start

OK…waking up early today because I needed to get some kind of run in that I did not get this weekend. Saturday due to the rain, and Sunday because I was just pure lazy, but Monday night was out of the question and I had to get in some running. So I had to get myself up to run at around 6am.

I had figured that since I have this longer distance run, I would get to know it well and try to run better quality runs than quantity. I still need those longer miles, although running and being acquainted to speed and the time was what I wanted to get to know. I mean I had run 4 marathons this year already, I know the race. Each marathon is different though, but the distance and feeling is all the same. Different because your body can react to different distances in different ways on different days…It’s strange.

Anyways, I have been off of my blog and I apologize to those who read daily. I had lost my computer where the screen just flopped and now I have a temporary replacement…my old school first labtop EVER! My parents came down for our monthly visit and that was the main reason why I had to miss Monday night group and wake up early.

So coming around from the Staten Island ferry and coming around from the Statue of Liberty, it was an amazing and people take it for granted to see all these things while running in the morning…but there was a group of smaller birds as I rounded the corner, thinking they were going to move…or did they? OH dear god, one foot step closer and I would have whipped out a small bird! Why didn’t they move??? I had no clue…

Oh dear…keep moving…keep moving. That’s all I can think. Never look back at the road kill that you could have done and in reality, I would have heard a dead bird dying…no?

Finished my run and on to work!

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