Reach the Beach…upon arrival…

"We may train or peak for a certain race, but running is a lifetime sport." ALBERTO SALAZAR

The day has arrived, I woke up early this morning to get a good head start at last minute items. I had too much shit to carry up on the subway, so J and I had planned out that we would share a cab together. We were fortunate that J was going up, even though he had a leg injury and was questionable the month before, he was so excited about this race, but had to pull out. J and I chatted for quite some time. We talked about like maybe 5 different topics along the way and made up for lost time, since JG was injured. Then came the others from all directions until finally our team had arrived. As we arrived, we see JT waiting outside; she was one of the drivers for Van #1. The drivers were supposed to be first, but ES was late!

As all the drivers signed up, the vans were secure and everyone was there…we were ready to roll. Van #1 (JT, JM, DL, ES and I) and Van #2 (JG, BS, RB, AW, AH & YP) were split up as though we were racing, no one wanted to get out and mix up the cars before the race, which was weird since we would both be spending 24 + hours in our respectable vans.

Many of the firefighters had honored their fallen brothers at their respectable firehouses since today was 9/11. The tragedy of today had brought great emotion and I had witnessed these firefighters in vain. We all got into our vans and headed up toward a 7 hour ride up to New Hampshire.

Van#1 got lost at New Haven or was it Hartford? Somewhere in Connecticut, where we could not catch up to Van#2…we were known as the dumb van. We quickly got sidetracked since JM needed to go to the bathroom and then everyone went. We got free fudge as we walked into this candy store and then roamed the premises for quite a while. DL and ES got ice cream and figured that this was going to be quite the trip for ice cream along every route we take, and hoping to get ice cream at 2am in the morning. But we called Van #2 to find out where they had been…they stopped by a subway and ate without us. How Rude! Seriously….so we went to our own establishment along the way…a Friendly’s, which I had been to and no one else in the van had a clue about the service…it was SLOW. We spent too much time at the restaurant, but got ice cream at the end…CONE HEAD SUNDAES! It wasn’t the traditional one in the metallic bowl…and not much reeces pieces, but it still showed the flair…they all admired my sundae. Then another quick bathroom break that ES had to GO!

And finally we arrived in New Hampshire. Van #2 had been around town for quite a while and they had been in the grocery store as well. We arrived and met up with Van#2 at the grocery store…they had been getting van supplies for the trip as we flooded our little cart as well with Gatorade, water, fruits, snacks and other needed supplies, like Febreeze. We got all of our supplies and moved on toward our hotel. Many of us were thinking about jogging outside for a bit before dinner. Some did, while some rested in the hotel. Chops came out when YP cut his sideburns to CHOPS which was a running joke throughout the trip.

The jog was beautiful and just breathing in the nature and air was amazing. Running in the city can bring you to such a euphoria when you are out in Nature country…it was beautiful though as the sun set…and the hills were somewhat tough…

We quickly made it out to dinner…as we ate pasta, pasta, pasta….

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