Twin Towers

"Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder." WILLIAM SIGEI
Wheew...so behind in both running and blogging. I apologize for not being more into my blogging due to work and my computer being dead. Yes, so my usual days of just telling what had happened has resorted in just awaiting for free time to just splurge about my running life.

Ok...so tonight I ran, the first time since a long time in 3 days. I needed to also get this run in due to this huge storm that is part of a hurricane hitting Manhattan straight on and I had thought that it was going to hit early in the morning. Meaning no running for the entire day. But it has held off till 6pm tonight, which means I can get a run in sometime today, or take it easy if I need to, which will probably happen since my knee started to hurt while on my run for some reason.

ok, so in my mind I was thinking of my route to go home. I had been deciding to go on the east side (late at night really dark) or the west side (sunset views etc) I decided that since I got home a little late than I had expected, to go on the east side then the west side and come home…

I decided to do my 10 mile loop from 18th to 18th…so headed out and started running when I run into JK, who was a long time runner now since she had done her half marathon and full marathon experience. This was a gal that I went to college with that couldn’t do more than 4 miles running with some bummed knees and now she runs marathons and halves and is training for a triathlon. The kicker? She works for runners world magazine as well. I saw her running on the east side and she had to get some frustrations out. I asked her what are you running on a Friday night? She asked me the same question…but I knew that I have to be more disciplined in my running regimen now that I’m marathon training again.

I ran with her for a while then dropped her off at 14th to go on my own run. I was working it pretty hard and needed it to work towards my goal…but in reality I needed to stay comfortable. You need to run in a comfortable setting while running a marathon, if you are not, then you will not do well. As the dark sections started to hit I saw a guy that resembled one of my high school friends who ran cross country with me. I yelled out his name, but thinking it’s NYC he would not respond. He turned and I yelled again. CP was indeed a good friend who also played Ultimate Frisbee and did a bunch of things back in the day. We have not caught up since high school and he told me about his comedy show. I didn’t want to hold him up, so I let him run again and I was back on my running regime.

I strolled down towards the piers and south street seaport, ran past the Staten Island ferry and then boom. The lights of September 11th hit me. The day is coming close and the lights have been up already. I continued on past the Monday group runs and still on every corner you can see these lights, which was amazing. It’s been so long since that dreadful day. Seeing it and living in NYC is different. You feel privileged to being alive…the light was like a signal shining into the sky and everything around it was black…it was like a beacon into heaven that signified to the heavens that this was NYC and ground zero. For all those who were lost that day, it was like a lighthouse to find your way home from the heavenly skies. It was memorable as I soon got off the west side and back into the hustle and bustle of NYC. Weaving through the large night crowds of people going out to have a great time and boozing it up…but I still running because I desire something of my dreams. I ended up sprinting home and making my ways back, exhausted and tired.

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