Stocks drop 700 points…like my running…

"There is an itch in runners." ARNOLD HANO

Stretch. Roll. Massage.

Shaved my head this morning, so I can be oh so fast on Saturday...but no mohawk...sorry folks!

That’s all I can do from here on in. My final days are up with 2 days in counting and I’ll be taking off on Friday to go up to Hartford. Funny that. I had been planning (with RD who will now be going by Amtrak) on leaving pretty late to be able to sleep in and be all rested…but no.

Plan was to escape the Amtrak expensiveness and travel up by Metro-North:

The Journey:
Grand Central to New Haven and then switch to a bus to Hartford

Savings from Amtrak to The Journey - $49 - $66 vs. $18.50 + $11 = $29.50

(as now I look at the regular bus fares from Greyhound and see that it’s $35…stupid me)

I was fine a couple of days ago, then look today and was like…WHAT? All sold out? Oh man, I find a frantic morning in looking for earlier trains of buses out of Hartford and my eyes set on the train. For some reason, I wanted to go by this adventure due to the fact that I had no clue of how I was to make it back home. My friend, AD will be driving me back home now to Somers (home home) since she is a teacher and will be coming back home till Monday for Columbus Day.

But yes, secured my spot on the journey and will be waking up at the crack of dawn on my adventure to Hartford, CT. I’ll be there early to walk around the city and enjoy myself as I usually do for every marathon. Meeting up with RD when she arrives in Hartford and scoot on over to the Marathon expo…

Well…here is the map and elevation chart…wish me luck, I’m going to need it.

Going home to pack, then sleep, then ready to go!


Laura said...

You are very, very lucky you did not opt for Amtrak. The 4:40 train got cancelled, so they said I could take the 5:40. At 5:15, they announced that it was 2 hours delayed! I hightailed it to Port Authority and was lucky enough to get a seat for $30 on the Peter Pan Bus, which is direct and gets in at 9 PM. Not ideal, but fine. Now, let's just hope we stop at a Wendy's so I can get a baked potato to carb up!

Laura said...

Yup, it was totally me! I was so excited to recognize you and get to cheer for you :) The race was not at all my best in terms of time, but I just had a blast cheering for everyone and making friends along the way. Great job being lightning fast, and happy recovery to you as well :)