Visiting Hours

"Training is principally an act of faith. The athlete must believe in its efficacy: he must believe that through training he will become fitter and stronger." FRANZ STAMPFL

I guess I have not been myself lately due to the major mood swings that I have encountered with my family. I have gotten word for the past two weeks now that my grandfather, who which is married to my grandmother with the Alzheimer’s Disease (the one I run marathons for) and takes care of my grandmother, he was diagnosed with liver and kidney cancer.

Little words and even actions are rambling through my mind at the moment as I am still shocked and really upset about just how transparent we could have been. What I really mean is that all this time my family has been worried about my grandmother and we never even would have thought there was anything wrong with my grandfather. It’s just so sad. Doctors say that he is on a day to day basis and anything can happen at this point. All I want to do is just run and just deal with it in that way…although now I am handling it in a different manner. Life is tough, life is precious and life is strange in many ways.

Carpe Diem: Live your life to the fullest, don't feel afraid to make mistakes, learn from them and move on. Life is short and you will never know what will happen.

I’m on a bus now…going to go visit my grandfather and hope for the best that everything is ok. That’s all I can do…HOPE


Laura said...

I'm skipping out on a marathon this weekend in favor of rest and recovery for my knee, so that will leave my streak at *only* 3.5 in 3 weeks :) I did Akron, then Portland (Oregon), then Hartford. I may still do Niagara Falls next weekend (the 26th of Oct) but otherwise I'm going to wait till mid-November and do either San Antonio or Route 66.

I'm really sorry to hear the bad news about your grandfather :( I lost my grandmother after years with Alzheimer's, and my grandfather after years with dementia. It's very hard when family memebers get sick and you can't do anything about it - my thoughts are with you.

Laura said...

Brian, when I travel for work, all my food/incidental expenses are covered, which saves me a lot of money during the week. Also, I can travel where I want on the weekends and they will pay for the flight. I earn hotel points that I use for free nights, so basically the only thing I'm left paying is the race entry fee. Believe me, I am far from rich, but my job comes with some nice perks :)

Trakmaniak said...

Laura...where do you work? cause seriously, I want to join...

basically you have to pay for the entrence fee and RUNNING 26.2 miles...

I would do the same thing as you do...RUN ALL THE 50 states NOW! stat! haha...good luck!