Volunteering for the NYC Marathon

"Training is like putting money in a bank. You deposit money, and then you can take it out." FRED LEBOW

I got my volunteer location in which I had been asking for...which should be an interesting day on race day....since I have signed up for two locations for volunteering.

2:30am wake up
3:30am at NYRR and then busing us to the start.
4:30am at Staten Island handing out bagels and then back to NYC at 11am...

Go to 18 mile marker - 92nd and 1st...from Lincoln Center...cross town and then back over to the finish line...LONG DAY AHEAD!

It's still very weird when I went out to the Monday group and had seen my Flyerville friends. They had been keeping up with the news and had offered their condolances, which I really do appreciated. I just have to go through some tough times in my life and enjoy the good ones. Memories, that's all you have left in some ways...I rather run a marathon right now than endure this other pain inside.

But...anyways...life goes on...

Dear Brian,
Welcome to the ING New York City Marathon 2008! Thanks so much for volunteering! We've got a spectacular week and race day planned, and we are incredibly grateful to you for helping to make it all possible for our 38,000 runners. On behalf of New York Road Runners, I wish you a fantastic marathon experience.Below are details of your assignment(s).

Job: Staging Area (Staten Island)
Location: Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island (volunteer bus from Manhattan available)
Supervisor: Jessica Hall
Date: 11/2/2008Time: 3:30 AM
Orientation: Orientation
Date: Orientation
Time: Notes: Vol. Bus: East 89st and 5th Ave.
For car directions and return info, see insert.
Please bring photo I.D.


JohnnyGo said...

It was a fun surprise to see you before the marathon start. Thanks for the bagel!!!

runner26 said...

THANK YOU!!!! I wish I could've seen you at Fort W. I had no idea you were there with the bagels. I was sooo hungry, too ;)

You're doing the right thing by resting. I know it's hard, but your body will thank you.

We should all go out sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

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