"Independence is the outstanding characteristic of the runner." NOEL CARROLL

After work is done today, I’m on a rollercoaster to catch up in my bloggin’ ways and hopefully be ok. I have missed out on the past 2 months in bloggin’ and I apologize to those fans out there who consistently check up and see how I am doing…if I don’t talk to you or you just read my daily shenanigans I have not done much running for that matter due to injury and total meltdown after the Reach the Beach relay race which I ran 4 legs and a total of 26.2 miles.

So…you want to know the abridged version of what you have missed for the last 2 months:

June 22_The Fairfield Half…

4_ Fourth of July

11_It’s like Marathon depression…
16_Tolerance of Pain…
17_Yasso 800_Thursday_ bit in the ass!
18_Underwear Run
19_Called Apparel – Work and sport: what happened at work…
21_Monday Group Run – Back to basics
22_Step on_ Ahhh SHIT: vomit, poop and rained on…
23_Stretch! – Calves…Summer Streets
31 – Human Race

September –
9/6 – Mind Body Fitness games – Points Race – No memory!
9/11 – Reach The Beach
9/21 – 5th Ave Mile - Volunteer
9/27 – 24 hour coverage – NY Philharmic
9/28 - Newport
9/24 – Mets game w/Jamie
9/26 – The Kail
9/30 – New Jersey Marathon

10/1 – Sign Up Miami Marathon
10/2 – 46
10/4 Norweigen Run
10/6 – Focus Group

Oh yeah…and I’ll be running in the Hartford Marathon this weekend. Yes, I know. I’m the hypocrite speaking. My word is no longer valid in any way… but I do know my body and what it can handle...after this, I'm taking off...I have accomplished all I need to accomplish for this year.

To say and to do something is completely different when you are not in a spot and a predicament. I know that I can run 26.2 miles…at what pace and what kind of pain? I have no pain as of yet because I recover pretty well and have been stretching. For the past year or so, I have been waking up to pain and have dealt with it. It was a reoccurring on and off again…but I can do this and I will not bitch anymore than I need to. I'll go out there and compete and to the best that I can do...yes, it I was going to give anyone else a recommendation, i guess I should switch my ways of telling them that it's up to them...

I will be off for a whole month after this marathon, as Hartford is my 5th and last marathon of the year. I am finally listening to friends and family to STOP…and rest my legs so I can walk when I am older…

Anyways, to brighten up the hilariousness, Bright Room sent me pictures of the Norwegian Half this weekend and I guess I had received these kids pictures as well since the kid was the same number as I was in the Kids race…

Ahh, I love kids…
But I'm guessing their parents really didn't appreciate my pictures....hahah!

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Laura said...

How did I not realize you're doing Hartford? I'm on a bus on my way there to run the marathon too! Look for me in a yellow Marathon Maniacs singlet and hot pink skirt... I'll be the one gimping along with a knee injury that is NOT going to stop me :)