"I tell my athletes, 'When you compete, concentrate on yourself. Don't focus on anger against a competitor.'" JOE DOUGLAS

Contemplating if I should go out today or stay inside underneath my blankets as I logged onto my computer to check out how people are doing during the Philadelphia marathon. BS, GW and ES were all running as well as high school peeps, CC (whom is also a flyer) and TF. Many were on pace to what they had wanted through the 20 mile marker, although the tough miles are ahead and if you are on pace, anything can happen from there.

So I was talking to LO, another flyer who had just finished her NYC marathon and she was checking as well for all the people on her list who was doing the Philly marathon. So, all this running talk got me to get up, change for the cold weather and get out. With major malfunctions of my polar running gear, my battery ran out from my distance pod and my heart monitor was off…but this was a minor malfunction and I was out of the door in a jiffy. It was cold in the morning and the wind was really blowing. I headed out onto the east side at a jogging pace. Wasn’t really running at a hard pace due to just coming back and taking it easy on my legs…it’s really going to be a long season for me and I won’t rush things. The Miami Marathon training will start in mid December and January…but we shall see how we take that marathon.

Went down the East side and ran down towards the Staten Island Ferry…Turned around and came right back…checked my computer when I came back and saw that everyone had finished from the Philly Marathon, and as I had said, everyone had a tough time in the last 10K for people who ran Philly. Congrats to everyone who had finished, you guys did an amazing job. It was a reasonable run, beautiful day, but a bit cold and windy…all together ran a reasonable distance run.

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Laura said...

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