To Run or not to Run...

"My whole feeling in terms of racing is that you have to be very bold. You sometimes have to be aggressive and gamble." BILL RODGERS

To run or not to run? That was my whole entire day of asking myself that question. Was I to go out and run, or was I just to say inside since it was raining and cold. I ventured out today to go buy myself a new phone due to some awkwardness in my other phone. I know, times are tough, but I was going to go buy myself a blackberry anyways…

So I went out in mind thinking I was going to buy the pearl, but was searching for this $50 dollar coupon that I had since my enrollment plan of 2 years has passed and I could finally use it…but where was it? I had no clue, I searched and searched in my room for it, and could not find it. I gave up, so therefore I went with the Pearl.It was rainy and cold, I was set to go out and get the phone though, so I went…and got another phone instead since the guy at the counter said that my $50 dollar rebate was still good…so I went with the bigger and better thing. Of course, my plan is a little more expensive, although now I am tied up to the web 24/7 and maybe can blog my life a-way whenever I am not near my computer. Weird how things like this happen and revolve around your life, but I bought it for the more important things I guess…directions, searching things and other stuff…that’s just a plus.

Now, did I go run? I went out, returned and was wet. It was cold, and raining and soon the night sky would take over. I gave myself plenty of reasons not to go out for a run…so…was I just thinking so much about my run that I didn’t go out to do it? Was I just obsessed with running so much that I had to think about doing it and not obsess about it anymore.

I made up my decision; I didn’t go out to run. Weird huh? I’m becoming such a slacker lately, but that’s ok…winter is soon coming and that will deter me from running outside even more. I need to rest my legs and really take care of myself. I found that I need to do these things first and then train hard for this next marathon.

December, where we come!Tomorrow is another day….

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runner26 said...

Nice newsletter ;) It was probably good you didn't run in the rain. I skipped the run today and feel okay with it. Maybe tomorrow morning...maybe not. We'll see.