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"Remember, the feeling you get from a good run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running." SARAH CONDOR

Being a Flyer’s captain (men’s open 20-29 and below team) has brought many small responsibilities, compared to the large responsibility that I have with being on the executive board and being secretary of the NY Flyers. The work load is smaller as I have to write an e-mail to the team members each month reminding those about various event activities, point’s races and encouraging runners to get one another. But really, who reads these e-mails? Well, I try at least to write to the team and help the communication amongst my team members at the very least.

Anyways, enough about that, tonight I had to skip my weekly Monday night run to join up with all the rest of the captains including bloggers like runner26, nyflygirl, and bobcowin. We all met up on the upper east side at BC’s place (very nice place!) anyways, all the captains were there already as I was late, which I had informed nyflygirl that I would be due to some work issues. GW had said he knew what to get me for a Christmas gift and that was a watch…haha! Very funny…but yes, it was my first time at these “awards committee meetings” for the NY Flyers as they do this every year at the end of the year to commemorate people who did well (based on times, performances and head to head races) in each age group.

Wait, am I allowed to share this information? Anyways, we went down the list of each age group, which went fairly easy due to many of the captains doing their homework and going head to head on various people. My group: the open men’s division was fairly easy due to just 4 people doing 4 points races (as a requirement) and I was one of the contenders (same as last year). Although there is still the controversy of what rules:
CW and I had won this award last year as the difficult decision was made between distance running and short distance running. CW does not run marathons and his races are the short distance sprints (5K, 4 & 5 milers, 10K) and yet while I do these races, I am no where even close to compare against him. He far exceeds what I am even capable of doing at his speed…(his average time, I can’t possibly do for even a mile!) Then comes the longer distance (15K, Halves and Full marathons) which are not points races, although exceeding this distance I think CW can do (which he has told me that he may be training for: which he can kick my butt in anyways) although it’s the training, time and diligence that is involved with this aspect. How do you compare apples to oranges? This is the case with how you compare long distance to shorter distances.

There was one person that could have beaten us both, which was DF who is a natural talent in running and far exceeded both long and short distance running. He still is in my age group and If he fairs well next year with his medical schooling and injure free performances, he will definitely beat me for this award next year…by far! Although JE is also coming on strong, which rounds out the 4 men in my age group…that did all the races required (although DF did not finish his 4 points races…)

As CW is my training partner on Monday night group runs, we are very good friends and have a whole lot of similarities: we both run, architects, and belong to the same club…ha! Umm…yes, we chat during our Monday night group runs as he helps me get faster and faster along the piers to chase down the group as we are left behind. In essence, I rather have our friendship, teammate, comradery and good times rather than compete for an award for all the controversies in the world.

Anyways, I made it very simple this year that since we went head to head and I am captain for the team, and he is getting out of my age group, it would be one last time for him to win this award. He’ll have a much harder time next year with all the sub-master runners.

We ended the meeting with various conversations about other awards that will be found out at the awards dinner celebration at the end of January…our NY Flyer formal, as I like to say.


sfrunner said...

Hi trakmaniak, first time reading your blog. Awesome! Take care and keep on running!

nyflygirl said...

i have no prob if you write a little about it...but i just hope none of your candidates/recipients read this blog ;-)