Christmas Day run…

"The Truth is that Running Hurts. No one gets faster without meeting their personal pain barrier straight on." MANCIATA, http://www.10ktruth.com/

So deciding what route I should take today since it is Christmas and after all not many people are in the city during Christmas time. So I decide what everyone else in the city will decide to go to since all the stores are closed and it symbolizes Christmas to the finest…want to take a guess?
Rockefeller Center – where the infamous Christmas tree stands.
It looked like it was a gorgeous day from the inside although I really did not know how cold it was and from weather.com it indicated that it was 43 degrees, although it felt as thought it was 35 degrees. So I decided what every runner would decide and that would be to wear shorts in the dead middle of December. Ahh, we runners are crazy people and a strange breed.

So I headed up 2nd avenue and cut across 42nd street past Grand Central and onto 5th Avenue. I felt as though I was slalom skiing due to the people that were in the way, although it was not as packed, since the holiday was amongst us. I made it up to the Rock and there were a done of vending carts all around. They even knew that people were going to be around this area all day long today due to the amount of stores that were open and the only real things to see today for the tourists are out in the open. I went my ways towards the tree so I can take a picture with it, snapped a shot and was out of there. There were people, although it was not PACKED as it usually is.

I made my ways towards 8th avenue and was going to go towards the Westside highway, although questioned who was in the park today. I took a turn into the park and decided to extend my approximated 10 mile run to more mileage. I questioned me even making it to 10 miles because my original plan had about 6-8 miles 2nd ave to 42nd to rock to Westside, down to Canal street then back across up to 2nd again…but I needed to expend my base due to the lack of running that I did yesterday and base training has pretty much been very relaxed due to the winter wind chill in the previous few days.

So decided to take a loop around the park, there were a whole lot of people out due to the fine sunny weather and everyone was in good spirits. I rounded my way from the Westside of the park towards the east and I was sure to be bound to meet someone that I knew…right? I see JL on his bike, that’s one flyer as he spots me first. As I made it up towards Harlem Hill, I was sure to let DM and JJ know that if you wanted to train for Boston, I was guessing that you run 17 miles before and then head towards these hills and do repeats (about 4 of them) to get the same feeling. Maybe Harlem Hills was even tougher than the dreaded Heartbreak Hills, but as I rounded my way up and then down, I saw a familiar face (EF, who is usually with SD and I had thought he was running with SD, but then remembered that she had told me previously that she was going back to Wisconsin for the winter break.) so I don’t know who EF was running with…but I waved and wished him a Merry Christmas. I also saw FR running as well who was not far from him and zoomed up the hill to see who else I can run into. I wandered a while and then found my grove once again. At the Boathouse, I saw AH, another flyer who I have not seen in a while, then after that I ran some more and saw NYFLYGIRL, small world huh? Lots of flyers in the park…also one of my warren street friends, Chang, who has been a long time buddy since the Scotland run.

Anyways, so I exit the park, head down 8th ave passed 42, passed 34, passed 23, passed 14th, towards canal street…I figure that I need to do some mileage so I have almost completed my run. I head towards the grocery stores and check in and check out…but end up buying more than I really wanted to. I end up with 3 bags (as I put one in my backpack) and then have two more. It started getting chilly as I have been out for quite a long while, so then I started running with some bags in hand. Umm what was I doing?
I end up getting home and looking like a fool in shorts, on a cold winters day…wheew…

Merry Christmas!


sfrunner said...
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sfrunner said...

Hi trakmaniak. Sometimes, the best training runs are the ones that aren't totally planned out. Hopefully, this was a positive in preparing for Miami.

Happy Holidays to you and a safe and injury-free 2009!