The Crazies...

"A starting line is the best, most exciting place I can imagine." AMBY BURFOOT, The Runner's Guide to the Meaning of Life

Brrr…ok, why am I running if it is so darn cold out? My gosh, it’s like 20 degrees without the wind and with the wind it’s FREEZING! No one will be out tonight. Rocket man is in Atlanta probably warmer than here, JM has not ran in 3 weeks and is boggled by work, but she may show up…and JG, well he’s on the injured list, soon to be on the recovery to greatness or rehab…sooner the better. I just saw JG last night and he was in ok spirits and ready to Rock and Roll! (or in his words for another thing: R&R)

So, left work and ouch! It was cold. Yup, really didn’t warm up at all during the day, well it was night now, from this morning while walking to work. It was FREEZING and cheeks were definitely frozen, red and even frost bitten when I got to work this morning. I would have to say that tonight, even in tights, vest, long sleeved and short sleeved tech wear and gloves/hat…it was cold. Maybe I didn’t wear enough clothes, but soon enough I would warm up and get a little hot even.

I saw JA was the group leader today and it was just me and him…I thought it was just going to be me and him and no other crazies that will show up…then others showed up to my surprise. JT showed up in her winter gear and reflective gear at the same time. Ahh! Can wrap her up in a ball…JS, showed up without her usual running mate AE, but I ended up running with her. And LG showed…which JT had ran with and wanted to speak to anyways. But it was COLD! We waited a while to see if anyone else…NOPE and we were gone!

We ran along the west side highway, gusty winds swirled across. No piers for me today as I ran with JS and how she gets faster and faster each time. It was a good run, had some good laughs where she told me about her office Christmas party that she was having and Billy Jean King was showing up. Wait…wasn’t she the first African American women that played tennis and broke the barrier? Opps! Yeah, she’s white. My bad. I felt so stupid after I said that, but I knew at least that the US Open stadium was named after her…wheew! Ok ok, yes I say the darnest stupidest things!

We ended out run exactly one hour…as we saw JM waiting for us at the end. GOSH she must have been cold standing outside there waiting. JT and LG left as they were smart. JA finished up and we all went on our separate ways…because we were cold!

Yes, we are: THE CRAZIES!

although...not as crazy as this guy...and no, I'm not going to even try...

Marathoner attempts world record at Las Vegas event: Runner now at 103 marathons for 2008

Courtesy of Leanne Davis, Dublin Associates
By Cydney Cappello
Sun, Dec 7, 2008 (6:13 p.m.)

As of Sunday, 63-year-old Larry Macon will have run 103 marathons this year. That’s nearly 2,700 miles and the distance it would take to make a round trip from his home in San Antonio, Texas, to Las Vegas.
The Aiken Gump lawyer often runs more than one marathon in a weekend in his attempt to beat the world record for the most number of races in a calendar year. In order to be considered for a Guinness World Record, Macon had to run at least 100 races, with the Dallas White Rock Marathon on Dec. 14 marking his 105th and final race for 2008.

Not only has Macon run multiple races in a weekend, but multiple races in a day. Just this year, he ran the Darkside Marathon in Georgia and the Vermont City Marathon — both on May 25. While he’s been a serious runner for only the last seven years, he has made up for lost time by accumulating 506 races to his name.
Just after his Memphis race on Saturday, Macon spoke about his quest for a world record and his crazy marathon stories.

Q: Why are you going for the record?
I didn’t set out to go for the record. Two or three years ago, I ran 79 marathons each year and this last year I ran 93, and when I hit 93 someone said, “that’s pretty close to a record!” So, we checked around and contacted Guinness and they said the record was 99, so I thought, “What the heck! Let’s see how next year goes.” This year has been very lucky and once I got to the halfway point and I got 50, I thought, “Why not, why not go for it!” I run marathons because I want to and because its fun, so the record is sort of a surprise.

Q: Why start now?
My first marathon was at 49, I’m now 63 about to turn 64, and you’ll find if you ask most people who do a marathon just before a “0” year, either 30, 40, 50 or 60, they all just do it because all of sudden they have a fear of getting old or whatever. And so, I did it before my 50th birthday, just sort of a hallmark, and all of sudden, boom, I got addicted and I thought “this is not so hard.”

Q: What does your family think?
My wife, who is a lawyer, and whose real application is she’s a rancher on weekends. So we see each other during the week, but then on weekends she goes out to the ranch and she raises 600 miniature horses and so she has her hands full, full of horse manure. And I have zero-minus interest in that and so this just works out great. In fact on the rare occasion that I’m around on the weekend, she says, “isn’t there some place you could run?” We’ve been married for 40 years, so it seems to work, it’s a pretty good thing.

Q: What was your favorite race?
The Las Vegas Marathon is one of my favorites, the new one, the old one was horrible …
but this one is neat, you run through the Strip, you run through a little parking lot, a casino shopping center you run through, but my favorite, is the one I’m doing that day – wherever it is, whenever it is.

Q: I heard that you once took a conference call during the Boston Marathon, do you have any other weird marathon stories?
Forty-nine states in the country are silly enough not to close down for Patriot’s Day, which is when Boston has its marathon. And so, you know I’m supposed to be practicing law at this time and it's hard to tell your clients, “well, you know hey, I know we have some important business, but I have to go run a marathon.” So last year we had a big conference call scheduled and I took the call for an hour during the marathon. I don’t say that I spoke very much, I tried to keep my comments quiet. When I told them later, they said, “We didn’t know that!” Thank God, these phones have mute buttons on them.

Q: How do you prepare for a race? Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?
Absolutely. I go through this elaborate work in the way I tie my shoes; I won’t do it unless I get my shoelaces tied this specific way, that’s just strange. They have to be tied in bunny ears. What happened was I had a really good run doing that and you never know, maybe that’s what caused it, but you never know so why tempt fate. That was six years ago.
Macon said that his obsession with tying his shoelaces a specific way has lead him to the endless hobby of finding discontinued New Balance sneakers. And with so many marathons, he’s gone through 10 pairs of shoes already this year, buying them six pair at a time. He uses them for a little more than a month, or about every 10 races.

Proudly wearing his bright yellow “Marathon Maniac” jacket, Macon finished the Las Vegas Marathon at 5:43:46 — and just a day after running a marathon in Memphis at 5:15:22.

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