"Once you have decided that winning isn't everything, you become a winner." GEORGE SHEEHAN

Gosh, was everyone in the park last night? Holly cow, so interesting story I guess…so here it goes: I decide to leave my office in shorts, vest and tech t-shirt with sleeves and an orange bandana of course. I headed on up on 8th avenue towards 59th street, all the way up on the new and used bike path. As I slowed multiple amounts of times for the stop lights, there was a military personal that passed me, he said something: “hey, nice tattoo on your leg,” I didn’t know what to say, so I said, “thanks bro, much appreciated” and was on my way. As I zigzagged through cars, bikes and pedestrians, I finally made it to the park. There the holiday tents were up and I had to find my way to the entrance way to the park. The rain or rather shower had made the road glisten and not many people were out running in the park. The cyclist was definitely not out, since the road was slick and the night brings about another fear of slippage.

As I made my way past the bottom loop of the park, I see a familiar face as PD or Duff comes walking on by. He recognized me first and tells me to move on…but I stop to chat a while since we have not really talked, we chat for about 10 minutes and then I am back on my way to get to the group run. I see Pean, as well and I say hello, but she just goes on by and passes me. It was the first time in about a month since I have seen her, she looks good and as always concentrated on her run. I make my way up towards the group run, I see ST or SH…geez, I have to ask her what name she wants to go under now since her marriage…but she made it out since she was the one that told me that it was drizzling. I finally get to run with her again, as we always would run and test each other with a good loop run around the park. We catch up, since I have not seen her since her marriage? Wow, yes it has been a while and her marriage was at the end of May!

We hustle around the park and UW catches up to us. He’s such a great guy and an elder compared to us. He just talks to us…keeping us very much in company and just goes on and on…which is great when you run because you need that distraction. It was fantastic as we raced to the line at the end. UW wanted to pick it up at the end and we went head to head, which I would have never expected from him. I’ll never back out of a challenge.

It was getting colder as the night chills comes around. This unseasonably warm weather in December was not going to last long and the weekend should be true where the winter weather coming is soon coming around. I make it back to my work place and am completely frozen…gosh winter has arrived!

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