Final run for 2008

"There is a great advantage in training under unfavorable conditions. It is better to train under bad conditions, for the difference is then a tremendous relief in a race." EMIL ZATOPEK

Got out of work early today due to going to work early and finishing some items still on my list of things to do for the school that I am working on. Although getting in early allowed me to finish up on some items that were missed from the newsletter that JM and I were working on last night and left early to meet up with ES at Union Square for a celebatory drink.But anyways, since I was in early, I got to finish up early and also get JM's comments as she had caught more errors...she never ends until the newsletter is actually POSTED!!!

So, we posted the newsletter and finally that was done...last one of the year!So got out of work and did a little shopping, got some booze for the night. Decided to go for a final run (about a 6 miler) where I would stop by EMS to use up a gift certificate that I had received during the Hartford marathon.

So got dressed and went out as the weather just dropped...it was frigid out and I was glad to get some new items that will help out my running: backpack, gloves,etc.Left after a while and decided to give HL a ring...finding out what she was up to...she never wrote back, so I decided to move on and quickly get ready for dinner with BS and JM.

I went down broadway towards the Staten Island Ferry, then around towards the East side and around towards the FDR...then back towards 14th street again. It was VERY slippery on the east side and well I also ran through STY town and finally back home...

It was the final run for the year...more to come for the final numbers for the year of 2008.

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