First Snow Fall

"If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat." HERSCHEL WALKER

So this is my third Friday off, excluding thanksgiving weekend. It's been quite interesting where I have found that these times are rather relaxing rather than stressful. I mean the 4 day work week is stressful, where you are trying to fit 5 days of work into 4, especially when you have deadlines, which means early mornings, lunch that interferes with work and late nights...which was this week, where granted I went to the awards committee meeting on Monday night and Thursday night my office had a holiday party...so therefore I had not ran all week. Crazy huh? So not good for my training for Miami. One month to go and I have yet to hit a good week of 50+ miles...I have done my 19 miles though and well...today I set to go out and do a long loop that may equal out to being 20 miles...whatever, if it's 20 miles or 19 miles, it's all the same...close enough.

Anyways, running gives me peace and after coming back from TJ's grocery shopping...it was somewhat gearing ready to snow...

So I quickly got dressed and went out. It started...I tried to capture all the moments of the downfall at first and the festiveness of Christmas and holiday season that keeps New York City...a great city! My route? Apartment on 18th and 2nd sown towards 14th, down east towards the east side, on along the east side park down towards the Staten island ferry...back around on the Westside highway on the promenade and doing piers (of course!) And then stopping at the office to pick up this coupon (which will come later in the story)... (At this point the snow was coming down in big gulps) and when the win caught it and blew it in my mouth (choke!) Or hitting me in the head and face (ouch! Stinging sensations!) But yes, it was a very bitter run especially if you don't like pain...which I am starting to feel that I am masochist.

So by this point my fingers were numb and in much need for a break from the cold - which was perfect that I had to go up to my office to get the coupon. Shoot out of the office, now semi-warmed up which is not such a good idea, but I wasn't soaking from sweat though, that is bad when that happens because you can automatically get hypothermia from that.
So...went back on the west side and only see a very sparse amount of people everywhere. It's getting colder but the snow is still falling...make it up to 59th street, crossing over Lincoln square and then over to the park...
There I see a small snowman, which of course I photograph...then make it to central park which the plows were thundering flying by so quickly, but I see a few more crazies out there with me.
Make it on the west side of the park where I had many moments that I wanted to cross over (72nd, great lawn, reservoir) but thought I would just thought it out and run up to the 107th transverse...did that and willed myself to engineers gate where the wintery wonderland was beautiful...cold but beautiful!
People were making snowmen along the side and kids were having snowball fights. Ahh! This is the city!
I worked my way towards the NYRR headquarters and went in to ask them about this refund ticket or coupon where I wanted to sign up for next year’s race. But they had no clue about it at all…I asked the front lady, she told me to go upstairs, I went upstairs and then they told me that I couldn’t use it for next year’s race and it expired by the end of this year…which meant, I had to sign up for a race…which left me with two choices, this weekend’s 15K race or the midnight run. Huge predicament here, not going to lie at all. So I signed up for this weekend’s race, even though I said to myself that I was not going to be running in any December races…it’s too cold!

Anyways, I turned in my registration application and my refund ticket, the guy there saw that I had a very low number on my pace per average time. He asked me when my last race was…I shuddered thinking back when my last NYRR race was…it had been a while, that is why I couldn’t use my ticket! I told him that I couldn’t really remember and he went to the lady to verify that I could run this time. Unfortunately, the time was right and I knew that because every time you enter a race online it tells you your average time. I guess he really didn’t want me to be in the blue start.

So I left…wasn’t too happy at all and had a bunch of stuff in my hands as well (which I picked up a few items for some gifts for some people that I will be staying with during the Boston marathon…hint hint! SC and PP) anyways, they are small tokens of my appreciation for staying at their place during the Boston Marathon weekend. Anyways, I was crazy enough to run home with my stuff instead of taking the subway and calling it a night, since now I will be running extra mileage during the “race”.

By the time I got home, I was soaked, frozen and needed to de-thaw…it was a cold day, although memorable, but cold…and hit exactly close to 20 miles.

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