Hawaii anyone?

"There are few instincts more natural than the body in full motion as it races across a field or through the trees." NEAL BASCOMB, The Perfect Mile

Ahh!!! Deadlines this week has brought me to early morning wake ups and late nights working through my lunch hours and just non-stop work! It’s been a killer although I push ahead just thinking when this week will end and when my deadline for this project will subside. As we finally finalize our design for this exterior cladding for this mini-school, I try to keep my nerves from breaking and just produce. Understand and produce, no type of thinking involved and just keep persuading myself to do this because I do that in running. I don’t run a race and think about things. I run a race and keep my mind relaxed, just letting my body go and run the pace that it wants to. I don’t go by times, paces or push myself to the limits, I do, but not mentally. I am in control though of how fast my body runs, what pace it figures out to be and the very extremes of pushing myself. Many people have told me that life should come at ease, as with my running, I am learning about that and trying hard to figure this out. Running to me is the calm, peaceful relaxation that I don’t have to think to much about…it just comes.

One thing though about today was that my sister, who resided in San Diego, California for 6 months is moving back to Charleston, South Carolina…for the shortest while. I had just found out that she will be going to HAWAII due to her boyfriend, SF getting a job out there. So…meaning to the regular person that you can go out there on vacation and relax and enjoy yourself, but in running terminology for me…Yup, you got it folks, I’ll be happy to say that I’ll be making my ways to Hawaii this year to cross that one off my list of states in the marathon of course. May it be the Maui marathon in September or the Honolulu Marathon in December or Kona in the end of July…so many to choose from…I’ve already staked out the dates…trying to work it into my running schedule. Which means if I do the Honolulu one, I will have to sacrifice the trip to Las Vegas and LH’s annual Flyer event (which I was also planning on doing)…hmm…so much to choose from.

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Laura said...

I didn't like Honolulu that much. I mean, Hawaii was amazing, but the race itself was pretty meh. I've heard Maui is the one to do.