How to get sick…real fast!

"It's not about speed and gold medals. It's about refusing to be stopped." AMBY BURFOOT

Let’s see: down pouring rain + cold weather and stoppages along the way to certain people and places…yes, definitely a mixture to how to get sick real fast! The night before I get a IM message from one of my college friends, DS, who in reality is one of my two best friends from college. She got a message from one of her friends, who right now is friends with my high school friend and is rooming with her in Boston. Yes, that is SC, whom I stayed with during the Boston marathon and she is living with PP, Well PP told DS that there is a Santa Speedo run this weekend on Saturday in Boston.

BUT I needed a speedo + Santa Hat to get! So I was going to go during my lunch break, although work had tied me up. I decided to go straight after work and make I up to the Thursday night group run afterwards. So I went to Ricky’s and bought a Santa hat, went into Paragon Sports and bought a red speedo…and then up I went to the group run. Umm…a little information there, all this was in the down pouring ran…now many other people would stop, but for me, I guess I am the crazy and had something to prove…stupidity really! I really thought that it was just a mere drizzle like last Thursday night and I could make it out. Down pouring rain has not stopped me before, but add the ingredient of the cold weather and then you have a mixture bad news and trouble in the end.

I don’t think very hard and just do when I am set to go running, so I went up towards Central Park and made my rounds towards 89th street. I would stop to say hello to GW along the way and get him to sign off on something, chatted with him a bit and saw that BS had called me to tell me that he wouldn’t be at the group run. I went to his place afterwards and the constant in/out really killed me, where it was constant hot/cold weather and just the wetness…it was bad.

I was going to enter the park, but thought otherwise and headed on back to work. I probably did around 7 miles tonight in the rain and probably the stupidest thing I have ever done…the street corners were all puddle up, some were even as massive as ponds…step in one of those and you have got yourself one soaked shoe.

Anyways, got into work and stripped down and back into my dry clothes…what a trip!

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