Laundry Time…

"A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected by in as many ways as they're capable of understanding." STEVE PREFONTAINE

Ok…so why am I so excited about doing laundry? I don’t know, maybe it’s because since Saturday I had been expected to do laundry ever since I came home back into the city. I didn’t want to bring all my dirty laundry back Home, home during thanksgiving because of all the hassle of transportation and back again. Wheew, no…sorry not for me. Anyways, since Saturday the laundry mat that I have always been using had been closed till today, so that is the real reason why I could not do my laundry.

I bring all of my dirty laundry and stuff, I mean stuff the washer with all of my clothes. I mean stuff it’s like stuffing a turkey people! Anyways, this has been the first or second time since I have been running and that means both regular clothes and running clothes add up the sum of my clothes to be washed…which means 2 weeks of work/running clothes…

After watching all of my clothes go round and round, as I kept myself occupied with my new blackberry (hey it’s like a miniature laptop in your hand though! How cool is that?) but yes, taking about blackberries, people all around new York city are obsessed with their blackberries. They can not put them down, they have to have it in their hands at all times, which brings us to my next question, are we tied to our use of the internet? Our e-mails need to be constantly answered and our attention span to these small gizmo’s is turned to not really recognize the real world around us?
But that kept me occupied for a long duration of time, answering e-mails that I have not gotten around to during working hours and having neglected my people that I have long been out of communication with. I am deeply sorry people...my bad!
anyways, it was pretty packed at the laundry mat as I had to wait for a dryer to separate my clothes, after that was done...I finally finished at around 3 hours later. Laundry is my peaceful time though, I can think and deeply just talk to myself...somewhat I guess. But then comes the folding and separating of different clothes. Since all of my running clothes was in a different pile, since I usually dry my clothes separately, from my regular clothes to my running clothes (tech shirts usually take less time...easier to dry).
So, I am done with laundry...finally! I have decided to be a little more strict with my training. Miami will be a test, but we shall see exactly what shape I am at during that course. I need to start working back on my abs and stretch out a little more. So I have taken on Runner26's rules in a month of ab workout. Although I am not as hardcore as she is. I vary my ab workouts with the deck of card game. I split deck of cards into 3 piles, then with each pile is a different day for each week - hence 3 different days (piles) for a week. you throw down 3 cards for the total and split these between push ups and sit ups.
The final number:
push ups - 64
Sit ups - 73
Face cards = 10, Aces are 11 and regular numbers are regular numbers...you get my drift huh? We'll we'll do that till Miami begins...and see what kind of shape I am at later on...
All the best...

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