Monday Group Run – Crazies #2

"There comes a time late in the afternoon when the light is just so and my circadian rhythms are at exactly a certain point, when the only solid thought in my mind is to run." ALISON TOWNSEND

Ok, freezing temperatures tend to ward off runners as this Monday night brought temperatures into the teens. Who showed up? Rocketman, JS, AE, JA…and I think that was it. Yes, we are crazy for running although it wasn’t as bad as the first year we had these Monday group runs and I could remember there was one night that was SO COLD. We ran towards the Westside highway as the wind started to pick up, we decided too on the bike path to rid us free from the icy paths and prevent everyone from falling.
We decided to all stick together, since I had already done my longer mileage from the week on the weekends and needed some time to rest. I could deal with a slower pace tonight since I have been busting my butt for marathon training. So it was good clean running and that’s all really running during the winter time is all about. It’s great to have such a group come out and run and have a good conversation. JS and I ran most of it together as we chatted just about Christmas and how she was doing.
We ended all together running up the Westside highway as we saw a crazy guy with shorts, wobbling around…then Rocket man tells me why on earth am I not in shorts as well? Haha, I tell him that I did my time in my skimmies for the Santa Speedo run in Boston.
Rocketman and I end the run gathering and talking, while others go stretch at the gym or on the subway. We talk about Big J and how he is doing, with his surgery going on today. He’s doing well though after a long day…the knee is well and the 4 will be four once again.

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