Newsletter complete…

"Running well is a matter of having the patience to persevere when we are tired and not expecting instant results." ROBERT DE CASTELLA

So a year has passed and 12 issues later as my reign of secretary has been complete. JM was a major help within my reign and she was the greatest supporting role I could ask for…not supporting role, but main role.

JM came to my office after her surprisingly 8 mile run (which I was even surprised about) and in good spirits of that great accomplishment. I mean after a certain amount of time that she had been out of it, she got in and back in action…with high goals and remarks. I was very surprised about her initiative and it’s good to hear…but yes, I passed along the last of the newsletters and after the final editing, we would be complete and done.

JM left, and I resumed work. She came back at 7pm to finish it off as we banged it out. We had a certain system to our madness and it took a while to get use to throughout the year to realize which was the best way to our madness. Secretary is no easy cookie to swallow, as I pass my reign to another fellow flyer. I wish them the best of luck and it will surely take me about a year to recover for the next board to elect me to do something for this club. It’s not the fact that I don’t love doing things for this club, just the burnt out factor that evolves with putting everything you got into the office.

We rushed to finish the end of our last articles and there are minor touch ups that need to be done, but everything seems to be in order. We left it for tomorrow as we can fight it for another day. We met up with ES, who was the past Secretary as we ranted off stories of what had happened this year and talked about many different issues, stories and how things were. It was pretty funny listening and observing the fruits of labor going into every single issue and every single aspect of expectations for a secretary.

My last newsletter…how free it feels to say that I am “done”.

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