"The crime is not to avoid failure, the crime is to not give triumph a chance." H. WELDON
So, I arrive home early tonight to find myself missing another day of Yoga, how many times is that, since I have last done Yoga? 5 weeks, 8 weeks? My gosh, it has been quite the long time…I was seriously suppose to go today, although I didn’t quite want to go alone and it has been a while, so things change on the dime. I need to go next week.
On the other front, I cooked myself dinner and am right now on the couch eating my mac and cheese with some sort of meat for protein. Yes, mac and cheese and the TV…oh what is up with the runway comment you may ask?
Ok, so tonight is showcasing the annual tradition of the Victoria Secret’s fashion show. Yes, say it, go ahead, I know you are thinking it. Yes, I am a guy and yes, I do enjoy gals dressed up in their bra’s and undies running down (well not running down) but model steppin down the runway. Come on, it’s a runway, so it has to do with running no?
The real question is, have you ever been to one of these fashion show runways productions? I have. I went with a friend who got me in when I was in Shanghai, China when I was studying abroad there. Come on, Fashion is art and models are moving pieces of art. Although I prefer my women more muscularly toned and not tall and skinny like them, I feel that fashion is a wonderful way of expressing the true designer…it’s amazing!

Ok…so ultimately the show answered my true mind blowing question that I have been pondering for my whole adulthood: Who is Victoria and what is her secret? Seriously…I really want to know. Ok ok, they didn’t unveil her secret and they didn’t show who Victoria was either. Darn!
Ok…No ifs ands or BUTTS! Bra’s or Busts or buns? Ok…I kidd!
Night, weew it’s late!

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