Short run…

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance." BILL BARTON

Well no school today, as in no work on Fridays, since my company has given me a 20% pay cut. It hurts, really hurts because now I am trying to do anything really to stay alive…well, I have cut most of my luxuries out in place for my future big luxury of my trip in January to Miami. Sacrifice is everything. Anyways, since I don’t have to go to work early today, I got up at a normal hour, since I am so accustomed to waking up early now…Stayed in bed for a little while, but got up and thought about a morning run. The sun was out and I usually run during the nights, so daytime running only happens during the weekends. Why not?

I set out with my shorts, a long sleeved tech shirt and a tech t-shirt inside, had my leg wrap and gloves and of course a bandana. I was fearing that I was going to get cold, but really could not tell if it was that cold or not…I was going to bring my vest and thought, if I get hot, then I am going to have to carry it…but once out the door it was no coming back. I stepped outside and a cold gust blew…boy it was cold. The frigid air really did pick up and it was colder than last night.

I ran for a few blocks, wanted to go back and get my vest…but I am stubborn and wouldn’t go back. I would warm up. It took a while though and people were everywhere as I ran on the sidewalks. Man this is different than at night where you can zoom on the road and take the chance of getting hit by a car. Zig zag, zig zag…in and out of people and slowing down for lights…that’s the hard part about running during the day and in the city streets…the stoplights at every block.

Small route today where I only ran like 4 miles, starting at 18th up on 2nd avenue to 42nd street over across to Times Square and back down 6th avenue and back across on 14th Street, what a rush. It was cold, but I endured the weather and winter has finally arrived. Brrr…time for the winter gear again.

Work out time again:
58 Push
68 Sits

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