Small run…

"If you set your aim too high and don't fulfill it, then your enthusiasm turns to bitterness. Try for a goal that's reasonable, and then gradually raise it." EMIL ZATOPEK

After the run yesterday, I wasn’t sure if it was the long list of runs that I have had in the freezing cold or was it just yesterday. But after I returned from the long 13 mile run, my left pinky feels funny. I feel as though I have had frost bite from it and it never recovered. I may have nerve damage in the pinky although I can feel somewhat of a sensation at times, at other times it’s a numbness feeling. I didn’t really feel anything so serious as of yet last night.
Today the numbness has decreased although there is still a spot that is sort of numb. I was suppose to go home and work on my quilt tonight, although change of plans happened when I found out that one of my high school buddies from track needed people to work for him at the armory tomorrow. I guess I will be doing that now…so stay tuned.
I ran up to AC’s place, where I had seen her in last weeks race and we chatted. I needed to pick up my shorts that she had during the Nike half marathon, where she was at the starting corals and she had taken my shorts since I had forgotten to take my second pair off…she gracefully obliged and she has had them ever since…so since I had seen her at last weeks race, we scheduled a time to pick them up…or rather she told me that it would be with her doorman.
I needed to pick them up asap, so I went out this morning to do a small run and ran up to 56th street and the west side. It was a place that I have never really been to on Sutton Street and it was a good experience. I tried to speed up my workout to just see my endurance and speed. Man am I totally off the mark. I tried to go as fast as I could for a long duration of time, 42nd street, 34th street, 23rd street…I didn’t fail much, although I faltered…failure is not the issue, it’s sustaining and in my mind it’s practice and conformability. I did faltered though, but its learning and getting to the point of being comfortable.
I know deep down that I may not be at the right place and time for readiness in breaking my goal, although we need to accomplish one thing at a time. That is to Boston Qualify first, and then move onto the next goal. I have not raced in such a long time as well (competitively) since my last marathon which was back in October…3 months ago.
We’ll see how we do!

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