Ted Corbitt 15k

"In the 30 years I've been a runner I've run more than 150,000 miles. Still, some of the hardest steps I take are those first few getting out the door for daily runs." BILL RODGERS' Lifetime Running Plan

Uh! Freezing cold and a fun run?

Checked the NYRR website last night to check out the race course and know where the race had began...it has been so long since I have done a race and where sometimes I don't even know where it starts since I am always taking pictures.

So the website says due to weather related instances, the race may be called in as a "fun run"...Last fun run that I had done was due to extreme heat and that was a marathon: yes, the dreadful Chicago marathon that I had just written up after two years of the incident burning in my head...although I had not really been effected by the incident (not as bad as many others because I worked myself to the front of the pack and was not effected by the lack of water)

But back to the Ted Corbit 15k, which use to be called the hot chocolate 15k.

So I wake up early in the morning, feeling a little chilly and not knowing exactly what to wear. Did I even want to go to this race? I checked the website and it confirmed that it was a "fun run" but they were going to have the time clocks out. Ok, since they were going to have the time clocks out then I will sort of race it and see where I am at. After all I did run 20 miles yesterday and I am a bit sore, but it is a good way to see where you are at during race periods before and it's a good indication of what you will do during race day.

So I set out, rode the train up towards the Upper East Side, got to the race start and they were collecting the time chips!!!


I couldn't believe it!

The website said that it would be timed! Argg! Anyways, I look around to see if I knew any flyers out there that were doing the race...I knew that rocket man was doing it because Big J told me yesterday when I ran into him. I saw fellow flyer and bloggers KM and JD. JD was a friend of a friend and we kept in touch from marathoning and running, where he signed up to our team, the NYF.

I got out of my warm gear and looked around some more; saw another captain, tri-athlete, photographer and blogger, BC. He was taking pictures and he and I switch on and off where I usually take the bottom half and he takes the top half. We can probably take close to 300 pictures easily amongst a 15k on a warm day.But it was cold and he just stayed for the start and for the first loop...then went home. I wouldn't blame him!So, saw fellow captain, DM and JJ at the start, and then made my way toward the front. As I was stretching I saw fellow captain for the women's 20-29 OPEN team Runner26, why I call her this is unknown: Runner__ is her blog, so why not Runner26...anyways she said hello and kept on running right past me...I asked her where she was going and she told me that she was going to look for another fellow blogger PB&J, which she ran the Joe Kleinerman 10k with...where I saw them and snapped a picture. A few seconds later I got out of the corral and started looking for her, but I lost her! The race started and then I just filed in with the rest of the crew.WOW! Major congestion...I have never started any race so far back behind and just getting your barring to even start moving was tough. I was so glad that I have a preferred starting bib and straight off from the gun you pretty much are in full stride. With this, I am so surprised about how people can PR when they start out so slow...give you all much credit.

Anyways, I finally caught up to JJ and DM, where we chatted most of the time about how things were going and different personalities amongst the club, going to BOSTON! Yes these guys deserve much credit for getting into the Boston Marathon and they deserve the Congratulations on much hard effort and years in qualifying for the marathon. We chatted and I gave them some heads up on the course and some tips such as going up to Boston to see the course beforehand. It really helped me visualizing every aspect of where things were and going up there for your fist time is very difficult, because the hills (yes, the infamous heartbreak hills) are located at 17 to 21 on the course and knowing how to strategize toward this really helps. Anyways, Boston is actually quite an easy course; the energy, the day, the weather, the crowd and runners all around you, the support really helped me, but maybe it was beginners luck? Anyways, we chatted for a bit and about 3 miles into the race I was having fun! They were having fun as well and when we got to the bottom near Tavern on the Green, I decided to go my merry ways to look for Runner26.

I speed along and about a mile more near the carousel, I found her.
I did the old tap on the shoulder trick and she fell for it! We ran more together and I asked about PB&J...she told me a whole speal about how the weather was and how she knew he wouldn't come if the roads and conditions were bad.

We chatted, talked about many different things and we saw BC along the way as he snapped a photo of us together. We went on...caught up on lots of different things and had a great time. I am guessing I made her go quicker than she had expected...but we finished together.

After the race there was NO HOT CHOCOlATE!!!! What is up with that? Changing the hot chocolate run and making it to a fun run and no hot chocolate at the end??? Come on! That's poor form NYRR!!!

Anyways, afterwards, I met up with another fellow flyer, AC who I have not seen in the longest time. I mean I remember PB&J and I dong the Urbanathlon together with AC and getting her to join the Flyers. Anyways, we caught up and she told me that I could pick up my shorts which she had ever since the Nike half, where I had forgotten to take off my second pair of shorts and saw her at the starting corrals.

Anyways, it was a good day of a "fun run" and I went home and curled into my bed with a nice warm/hot cup of hot chocolate.

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runner26 said...

You make it sound like I didn't want to run with you :( I did, but felt I would be way too slow and would hold you back. Glad things worked out the way they did. This was a very memorable "fun run" for me. I enjoyed the company & coversation ;)

Merry Christmas!!