Somerville Jingle Bell Run

"This is what really matters: running. This is where I know where I am." STEVE JONES

Let me apologize for writing this over again, which I had written on my blackberry and probably sent it to the wrong place…arg!

So after the speedo run, AD and I were suppose to go home. Ok, my Alzheimer’s teammate, JK, he told me during the run that his friend had an extra bib for the Somerville Jingle Bell run which was the on Sunday. Since AD and TJL was doing it and I was suppose to take pictures along the course for them, I was just up to have a run with my Alzheimer’s group and the Santa Speedo thing was just a last minute jump in.

So…now that I was going to get a bib, this whole weekend revolved around running…absolutely crazy. So we went over to JK’s place to pick up the bib and shirt. Then we grabbed dinner along the way and went home, ate grub and washed up. We were so tired from the long day that we just pooped and watched a movie…then called it a night and went to bed.

We woke up the next morning, not as early as yesterday, so we got to sleep in. TJL called as she said she was not going to make it and PP had secured a number from AD’s friend. PP had already called us as she was on her way by T to the starting line. We left AD’s place, still chilly this morning, although nothing compared to yesterday. We walked and chatted to the start talking about life learned lessons and goofing around. We met up with PP as we saw some ridiculous costumes and very festive people.

We waited a while as the sun was shining on us, the wind was not blowing which was a plus and then the buildings blocked the sun, so then it got chilly. I offered my jacket to PP as she looked really cold, she had not brought her winter running gear since she was riding the T and didn’t want to carry anything along the run, so I had offered and it actually worked out pretty well since I didn’t have to carry my jacket during the race. I promised to AD and PP that I would take it easy and run with them. They did not believe me, but I stayed with them the whole entire time!

Hard to believe huh? Well, in my mind, racing was done in October and I have had a month to re-evaluate my habits and also I have had a long season. Give my body a break and rest, because next year’s races are soon to come early and hopefully end early, but probably not since the NY Marathon is in November and maybe eyeing on a distance race as well…

But the Jingle Bell run was great, stuck with PP and AD for the entire race as it was friends just running together. It was pretty congested though at the beginning and throughout the race as we were weaving back and forth going fast and slow, but at a moderate pace. I was just having fun, taking pictures of them running and enjoying my Sunday morning in Somerville. As we finished up, PP just darts ahead and zooms past everyone as she sets her sights on the finish line. I was impressed and did not expect that at all. We see AD’s roommate, KC at the finish line as we removed our chips and decided what else to do. It was chilly and we decided to either get breakfast or lunch, as we strolled around town we decided we were starving and lunch was in action. Burritos yet again!

We ate, then said our goodbye to PP and then strolled back to AD’s place, visited TJL in her fantastic new place…washed up, ready to head back to NYC. What a great weekend it had been.

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Patty said...

Thanks again for offering up your jacket--a true gentleman!