Visiting Big J

"Motivation is a skill. It can be learned and practiced." AMBY BURFOOT

OK, let’s just get this straight here, Big J is not called Big J because he’s big…well he is due to his massive size and strength that he can probably kick my butt, but I usually call him J. JM is called James for short and Davey boy is Rocket man. There is all these connotations to my 3 great running friends that I talk so often about. Anyways…
So since J got his surgery yesterday, we didn’t want to disturb his slumber and rest or (R&R) rest and relaxation – although I feel that R&R is Rock and Roll! So, after work I jet over to J’s place while meeting rocket man’s wife in the lobby. We ride the elevator together and catch up, and knock on the door of J’s apartment where CW opens up the door with a smiling face.
We see J and he seems in good spirits as Rocket man had beat me to the punch. We chat a while, see how he is doing and how the surgery went. He was in good spirits as he showed us the pictures of the telegraph and told us the whole story of the play by play action.
I then gave him a jade plant and the card. The card has a history though, I bought the card 2 weeks before where many of the Monday night group could sign the get well card for J. We brought it out on the two cold group runs as it traveled 6 miles, two trips = 12 miles. Then I headed up to a Thursday group run in the freezing cold rain, 4 miles up, getting two signatures of GW and BS then back down and dropping it off at Rocket man’s place. Another 3 miles with a total of 18 miles. Rocket man took over for me then as he brought it over discretely to the Holiday Party to get signatures ( I donno, but it could have been anyone to get signatures from, not just the Monday group run, but I think rocket man was looking only for the Monday night crew)
Rocket man did most of the work though and I give him the most credit…in all it was a good gesture from the Monday night crew. J thought it was great, he had a tear in his eye and it meant a whole lot to him. I knew that it would hit hard…since he misses running and knows that everyone is backing him up and is behind him 100% and waiting for his recovery to get his presence back.
It’ll be good to have Big J back…good times all over again…and the 4 will ride into the sunset together.
Ahh! It starts again...the infamous Boston Marathon e-mails. Although first before Boston I must be ready for Miami. Thinking about the Boston Marathon prematurely can be a mistake, although it's the brutal training during the winter times that really make the race difficult...
Welcome to the 113th Boston Marathon!
This is the first of a series of emails that you'll be receiving over the course of the coming months, featuring up-to-date information about race week and race day, as well as promotional offers from some of our sponsors.
Best of luck with your training and we look forward to seeing you in April.
Boston Athletic Association

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